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Well you can wear makeup by and near your Monroe piercing but keep it away from the piercing it's self, make up tends to cause trouble with *unseasoned piercings (*piercings less than a year old). While we are at it be cautious with facial scrubs and the piercing as well, they can be hard to rinse out of the piercing if it gets into the tissue.

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Q: Can you wear makeup with a Monroe piercing?
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Can you were makeup with a Monroe piercing?

Sure just try to keep the makeup away from the piercing as much as you can during the initial healing stages. Makeup is great but only on skin that isn't damaged, once introduced inside the body, this can act as an irritant and inflame the piercing.

What kind of piercing is a Monroe piercing?

A Monroe piercing is a piercing on the left upper lip. It's called the Monroe piercing due to Marilyn Monroe's mole piercing. Many people now has this piercing which was started by the celebrity herself.

Can you wear a nose stud in a monroe piercing?

Yes, labret studs are fine for tragus piercings. I wear them all of the time.

Can you wear make up after getting a Monroe piercing?

I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up

Where do you go to get a Monroe Piercing?

Any legitimate piercing shop should offer monroe piercings. Monroe piercings are considered a lip piercing and range in pricing from $30-$80.

How old do you have to be to get a Monroe piercing?

i think age requirements depend on where you live but where I'm from you have to be 16+ to get a monroe piercing without an adult.

What is the difference between a Marilyn Monroe piercing and a Madonna piercing?

A Monroe is the upper left lip and a Madonna is the upper right lip

How long can you take your Monroe piercing out?

If the piercing is over a year old you can remove the Monroe piercing for several hours without fear of the piercing healing closed. Prior to a year you are taking a gamble on how your body will respond to the jewellery being out of the piercing.

Is it okay to use Bare Minerals makeup after just getting a facial piercing?

Around the piercing but not on the piercing.

Is it ok to wear a Monroe stud for the nose piercing?

Labret posts usually don't sit well in nose piercings but it wouldn't hurt to try it out!

Can you get zits above you Monroe piercing?


What do you need for a Monroe piercing?

an upper lip