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if you mean instal app not from app store for free then you need jailbroken iphone/iPod. then goto cydia instal instalous 4 and you could download any free app in app store but some of app in app store not gonna have in instalous 4, but it 97% app is that instalous 4 have from app store. thx for reading

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Q: Can you installl apps not from app store?
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Can you get apps for free illegally in the app store?

There should be no reason to get free apps illegally. The App Store does not allow you to get an app illegally.

Where do you get iPad apps?

Mainly from the App Store pre-installed on your iPad!

How many apps are there on the app store?

Apple's app store has over 250,000 apps. (See links below)

How do you get new apps?

You can get new apps in the app store

What is the use of App store?

The 'App Store' is for purchasing and downloading apps to your device.

How do you get free apps?

When you go to the app store, there are many apps that are free. The app store has a list of highest rated/most often bought free apps.

Does the amazon app store have all the same apps as the apple store?

No,the apple appstore has WAY more games and apps then the amazon app store

How many apps in iTunes App Store?

At the end of October 2010, there were more than 300,000 apps officially available in the App Store. See the link below for more information on the app store including a nice table of how many apps were in the app store at given dates

Do Nooks have a app store?

Nooks DO have an app store! its powered by the Android Store. it does not carry all of the same apps that the Apple Store does. and it carries apps that the apple store does not as well.

IPod apps not from iPod app store?

You can get apps from the Internet but they redirect you to the i tunes store.

Is there an app store in the iPad 2?

It is the same as the ipod touch or iphone. It comes with some basic apps, and then there are the 230,000 apps on the app store that almost all run on the ipad, and some apps are being created specifically for the ipad, but they have to be downloaded from the app store or itunes store.

Why don't I have an apps icon on my iPhone?

Uh? Do you mean the App Store app? That is where you can purchase more apps.