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You have to get them again in the App store.

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Q: How do you get old apps back if you deleted them?
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Itunes deleted all of my apps and my computer with your apps on it got a virus what can you do to get your apps back?

check for available downloads or download them individually

Why does itunes want to download apps back on to your ipod that you've already deleted?

Because you have asked it to keep your apps synced. Set it for manual syncing to manage your apps manually.

Will your apps be deleted after jailbreaking?


How do you stop getting updates for deleted apps?

You should never get updates from deleted apps or else there's something wrong with your device.

How do you get your money back for paid apps you have deleted?

you cant, try and call itunes and ask mabey they will make a deal

Can you delete apps on Samsung transfix?

yea all apps can get deleted on a phone

Can you see deleted apps on iTunes after syncing your iPad?

Only if the apps were synced to the computer before being deleted from the device before you synced it. Otherwise, no

How do you get your old friends back on Chardium after you deleted it?


Why cant you get the apps that you deleted on app store?

You can get them back under the same Apple ID but it does not state that in the store. You can still download them for free.

How do you delete games on iPad if the black cross is not coming?

All apps that can be deleted have a black cross if you hold your finger on them for 5 seconds. Those apps that do no have the cross are system apps that come with the OS and cannot be deleted.

Why are your Kindle Fire apps being deleted?

Because maybe you have too many apps installed.

What happens if you update a jailbroken ipod?

If you jailbroke it by using cydia all the apps and cydia apps will get deleted