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When its deleted, its gone.

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Q: How can you get back your deleted stuff on Xbox?
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Can you get everything back on your xbox when it is deleted?

No. Your best bet would be to call xbox and ask them!

Can you get your Xbox 360 game saves back after there deleted by accident?

no you can not becouse if it was deleted at all it is deleled for ever!!!!!!!!!

Is there any way of getting deleted game saves back on Xbox 360?

Nope not at all

When you renew your xbox live membership does all of your messages get deleted?

No they do not get deleted.

What happens if i don't back up my iPod touch before I update it?

all your stuff will get deleted.

How do you get back deleted Xbox live friends?

Sadly there is no way to get your friends back. It is completely useless to call or mail Xbox on this concern. They keep no records of deleted or preferred friends. All you can do is try and remember people on your friends list, look at their friends list and hope that they added your previous friends

How do you save drag racer v3?

If you have already deleted it. im afraid you cant get it back, unless you have an xbox and live. You can get it back then

I got the new ipod touch software and itunes deleted all my stuff it said it backed up but how do i get all my stuff back?

It should be on itunes

How do you hack your deleted account back on ROBLOX?

You can't. And if your account was deleted that means you must have done some pretty bad stuff several times unless you were hacked yourself and then got deleted.

How do you recover a deleted password on a xbox 360?

If the password is deleted, just create a new one.

How much stuff is deleted on a phone when found?

Everything except da pornz is deleted

If you deleted down loadable content for xbox 360 does it cost points to get it back?

no, once you download something, its yours. you can delete and redownload it as much as you want.