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A heavy flow period is not pregnancy related.

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Q: Can you have a heavy flow if you are pregnant?
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Heavy flow for three days still be pregnant?


Is spotting followed by a heavy flow from regular menstruation a possible sign of being pregnant?


Im on the combo pill and i had my period on time last month with heavy flow this month on time but with mostly light some heavy flow can i be pregnant?

Consider that your flow will vary from month to month, without your being pregnant. The ovaries tend to alternate from month to month, and that creates a slightly different hormonal situation. You should call your Dr. and ask if you are concerned.

Why do some women have a period even if they are pregnant?

They don't have a period hun. They experience vaginal bleeding which is known as implantation bleeding. A pregnant Woman will not experience a normal, heavy flow period.

If your pregnant can you lift heavy things?

NO, you should not lift heavy things while pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 5 days shorter?

No, once you become pregnant you no longer have your period. It is normal for your period to occasionally be shorter, longer, heavy flow, low flow etc as there are many health factors including stress that can impact your normal cycle.

If you have a heavy period for 2 days are you pregnant?

If your period is heavy then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

Your period was early and super heavy Could you be pregnant?

If it was heavy, then no, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

If you have pregnancy symptoms but a negative test and a heavy period that's not late could you be pregnant?

No you are definitely not pregnant. You will not have a heavy period and be pregnant.

Can you lift heavy things above your head whilst pregnant?

You should not lift heavy things when you are pregnant.

Can you wear a tampon if you have a heavy menstural flow?

Yes it wont be as messy as pads but if its very heavy use back up pads or pantyliner while using tampons (try heavy flow tampons so it wont leak with your heavy flow)

Could you be pregnant if you missed you period and came on the next?

Not if it was your normal heavy to light flow, if it was light flow less than 2 pads total then buy a urine test. good luck joymaker rn

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