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OF COURSE. Heavy flow can go on for a while. This is ALL natural! Don't worry, depending how long your period lasts, you could have heavy flow for the whole thing.

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2010-01-18 02:41:31
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Q: Is it normal to still have a heavy flow on the fourth day of your period?
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Could you have a normal heavy period and still be pregnant?

That would be very unlikely

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

Can you shed your uterine lining and have a normal heavy period if your pregnant?

No if you are pregnant the uterus is closed so the lining is still in there. Some spotting can still be during the pregnancie though but not heavy bleeding. If you are worried go to your doctor.

Is it normal to still have a monthly period at age 54?

is it normal to still have your period at 54 and do you have a period longerin life because you started at 14?

Is it normal to have a period while you are pregnant?

it is not normal but it's possible when i thought i was pregnant i got my period and it was heavy i know tmi but the next month i did not get it the thing is that your body is not use to the change yet and it still wants to have your period oh and i forgot to add it turned out that i was 1 and a half months pregnant It is not very common but it is possible, and also normal!

If you take the pill the day before your period will it still come?

Yes you should still have your normal period.

Is a heavy period following a miscarriage normal?

It could be that your body is still rejecting and thinks that you are still going through a miscarraige. Also right after you have a miscarraige is a good way to get pregnant again. I did not know if you knew that?!?!

Can you have heavy bleeding on the day the period was due and still be pregnant?

Doctors used to believe you could, but an article publishing in "PARENTING" recently stated that you cannot have a period and be pregnant, although spotting is normal in the first few months.

Can your period become heavier during the first week of pregnancy?

If you are having a period, you probably aren't pregnant. And a heavy period isn't a sign of pregnancy, but a light period can be. My sister's period came on with each of her 3 children, and it wasn't spotting either. I'm not sure why yours is heavy, but for sure women can receive a normal period and still be pregnant. Be sure to check with your OB/GYN. Good Luck. Anonymous

When on jasmin can you be pregnant and still get your period?

you can still have your period during pregnancy but it does not usually seem to be normal when you are pregnant mosly irregular

Can u still have a normal period while pregnant?

yes you can

How does your period happen if you still have a hymen?

Because apparenty you can still have period if your hymen compleley covers the opening? i think mine does but i have heavy periods with like bloodclots and that..??

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