What are the best pads for heavy flow?

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I use Always overnights. They come in a purple package. I have an extremely heavy flow.

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Q: What are the best pads for heavy flow?
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Can you wear a tampon if you have a heavy menstural flow?

Yes it wont be as messy as pads but if its very heavy use back up pads or pantyliner while using tampons (try heavy flow tampons so it wont leak with your heavy flow)

What are the best pads to buy for girls just starting their period?

I would recommend Always Classic if your a newby, or Kotex is good. Normally on your first flow it wont be that heavy, Bodyform panty liners are good if you are going out to a party or something and if your not on a heavy flow. hope i helped :). x

What is the best tipe of pad for heavy blood flow during your period?

The best type of pad would be a cloth pad, in general these are best as they're far more comfortable and hygienic than a commercial pads, but for heavy flow they are best as they don't come unstuck or gather up and can come in higher absorbencies. Opt either for a good all-in-one pad like Party In My Pants Pads, or an insert style like Lunapads which allow you to add extra layers to the pad on heavier days. Try buying cheap pads from Etsy first.

What kind of pads do you use for begging of period?

It really depends if your usually heavy on your flow but i thinks its better to take precaution and wear thick pads that are long

Can you suggest some good pads available here in Lebanon?

There are many brands of sanitary pads available in Lebanon. Many offer different types of pads for heavy as well as scanty flow.

What kind of sanitary pads do you need?

Well if you have a light flow you would get the thinner pad. If you have a heavy flow you would get the thickest pad. If you have a medium flow you would get the medium pad. It is also prefrance of how if feels to you weather you like pads that are up against you or not and just in your underwear.

Can a diaper be used instead of a sanitary napkin for heavy flows?

Yes, a diaper or incontinence pads can be used instead of menstrual pads if your flow is heavy, as too can maternity pads which also hold a little more. It would be a good idea to consider cloth pads which can hold a little more than commercial or organic menstrual pads, you can also add extra liners.

What will you do if you have menstruation?

Wear pads and tampons. Avoid tampons,since it doesn't allow proper out flow of bad blood.Wear thick pads if you have a heavy flow.If your afraid of staining wear adira period panties. They are cotton and comfy.

Is it okay to wear a tampon on a heavy flow night?

No, tampons shouldn't be worn at night no matter how heavy your flow.Tampons need to be changed every 4-6 hours, which you can't do while sleeping, furthermore you need to alternate with pads occasionally when using tampons and overnight is the most convenient time to do this. If you have heavy flow consider using menstrual cups as they're safer than tampons so can be worn for up to 12 hours without any risk, can be worn overnight, and no need to alternate with pads. Menstrual cups are also good with heavy flow as they hold more, can reduce flow, and don't leak.

What kind of pads should i use in Greece My flow is a little heavy and i need it to last for a while i cant use a tampon it is very hot and humid so i need some room for my chi chi to breath?

Brillo pads

How heavy are the football pads?

10 p0unds

I have been told to use pads for heavy bleeding why are they recommended?

Pads are popular the world over as they are usually made out of excellent material that has good absorption power. There are many kinds of pads available for different types of flow. Some people like to wear them in conjunction with tampons as a reassurance and back-up. You are easily aware when a pad needs changing, and this might not be so for a tampon alone. Also, many people with heavy flow are also feeling uncomfortable and may find pads less stressful than tampons. It comes down to personal preference.

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