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I would recommend Always Classic if your a newby, or Kotex is good. Normally on your first flow it wont be that heavy, Bodyform panty liners are good if you are going out to a party or something and if your not on a heavy flow. hope i helped :). x

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Q: What are the best pads to buy for girls just starting their period?
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What does it mean when your period is pink?

means that you are starting your period or you are just really light

My daughter's nipples on both breast burns She is 11 years old and is just starting to develop?

Many girls get this burning sensation as their breasts are growing or right before their period

Do Girls Carry Their Purses When They are on Their Period?

yes i mean just cause your on period doesn't mean anything

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Can the teachers help the girls if they have their period?

Yes, teachers can help the girls if they have their period. Teachers are there to make sure you're healthy and in the best frame of mind to learn, thus they will help you if you need period supplies or need to be excused to go to the bathroom. If you have questions they can help you too, just in case you don't have anyone to teach you about these things at home.

What does it mean if you start your period early?

You got your period early!

What causes your period to change and feel sick?

Some girls dont even feel sick when they have their period but some girls do. If you just started your period it's probably because you are still getting used to the changes.

When does a girl get her period?

It is different for every female. Some girls can get their period as early as 8 and some girls as late as 16. It will just depend on your own personal growth rate.

Can girls get there period for one day and what does it mean?

Yes, a period can be just one day. Generally, the average is about 3 days.

Does spotting look like your period?

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well if your talking about what happens to girls then just put a pad on. k? :p

Can you get parnat if no period?

You Can be Pregnant If You Have Missed Your Period But Sometimes it Just Skips And It Is Best To Just Get A Test And Check after 3 months