Are you pregnant if you have a heavy flow?

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If you have your period, it's unlikely that you're pregnant, especially if it's heavy

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Q: Are you pregnant if you have a heavy flow?
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Is spotting followed by a heavy flow from regular menstruation a possible sign of being pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period is 5 days shorter?

No, once you become pregnant you no longer have your period. It is normal for your period to occasionally be shorter, longer, heavy flow, low flow etc as there are many health factors including stress that can impact your normal cycle.

If your pregnant can you lift heavy things?

NO, you should not lift heavy things while pregnant.

How would you use immigration in a sentence?

there was a heavy Immigration flow into the country

Your period was early and super heavy Could you be pregnant?

If it was heavy, then no, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

What are the best pads for heavy flow?

I use Always overnights. They come in a purple package. I have an extremely heavy flow.

Is a pregnant bely heavy?

A pregnant belly can be heavy, depending on the weight of the fetus and the size of the mother in general.

Can you lift heavy things above your head whilst pregnant?

You should not lift heavy things when you are pregnant.

Did ovulation occur if blood is dark and clotted but the flow is light?

Ovulation is the time of month when your egg is most likely to become fertilized. If you're bleeding, you're either menstruating (you're not pregnant) or miscarrying (you were pregnant). Other than that, ovulation doesn't have much to do with how heavy or light your flow is.

Can you wear a tampon if you have a heavy menstural flow?

Yes it wont be as messy as pads but if its very heavy use back up pads or pantyliner while using tampons (try heavy flow tampons so it wont leak with your heavy flow)

How do you control heavy menstruation?

uhh.. wear a "heavy flow" tampon?

How can you stop a heavy cycle?

you can get the pill which can help manage a heavy flow

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