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Yes. Jailbreak your iPod. You can get any app for free that way.

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Q: Can you get cod for free on the iPod?
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Can cydia get you free maps cor cod ww zombies on ipod?

Just COD Zombies. You can get all the maps by downloading the latest version.

Who invented COD for the iPod?

ALF stewart

What sad word rhymes with Ipod?

Cod, rod and God

Can you get quick r evive on cod zombies for the iPod?


Where can one find free ipod downloads?

One can find free ipod downloads from iMesh, Zimbio, and eMusic websites. One can get free ipod downloads which can include free iPod videos, free ipod music and free iPod games.

Can you get cod 7 on ipod?

No you cannot, but you can get cod 5 zombies which costs around 3 pounds it is tricky but is a really cool app

How do you get cod mw3 free?

It's not free

Can I use someone else's account on cod waw zombies for iPod?

Yes you can

Where can you get free iPod games?

There are many places to get a free iPod game. Some games are available for free on the iPod search app.

Can you get zombie mode on cod 5 for ipod?

Yes. Download zombies from the app store.

What program would treyarch have used to make the cod zombie ipod maps?


What are cod points in call of duity black opp for the iPod touch?

Eating cheese