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By hacking.

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Q: How do you unlock cod zombie maps for free on wii?
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Can you unlock Nazi zombies in cod world at war D's?

If you mean for the Nintendo DS they had no Zombie Maps

Do any cod zombie maps have an end?

No zombie maps have ever been beaten

Can you get the cod 5 zombie maps for free if you bought them on Black Ops?

no i dont think so

How do you unlock all the zombie levels on cod black ops wii?

i am really sorry to tell you this but you cant you have to get map pack or something else but i wish there was a code to unlock all zombie maps on the wii

How do unlock all the zombie levels on cod black ops 2?

to get more zombie maps, you need to get the fourth expansion pack, on GameStop it costs 15 bucks

How do you unlock zombie maps in cod black ops?

if you have the standard ed then you will get 2 maps and a arcade one but if you have the prestiged ed or the hardened ed then you will get all of the old ones and the new ones (6)

How do you unlock new maps for cod black ops?

you buy the maps

How do you get cod zombie iPhone maps for free?

Are you still stuck with just Nacht der Untoten? Update that app in the Apple Store. You should get all four WaW maps.

What does 3arc unlock code unlock on cod black ops?

3arc is used to gain access to the 'five' zombie map, if you haven't completed the campaign.

What skill do you have to beat it on to unlock all zombie levels on cod black ops?

The new levels continue on each map by completing the one before. You do not earn new zombie maps. 8 of the 11 maps must be purchased in 4 different DLCs Only Rezurrection with 5 zombie maps including the 4 WAW maps has more than a single zombie map. Moon is also included in Rezurrection with the 4 WAW Zombie Maps. These 8 Zombie Maps are for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and are not available for the Wii You unlock "five" by completing the game and you get the dead ops arcade by entering a code in the computer cant remember which one though.

Can you unlock MPL on black ops?

Yes it is a sub machine gun unlocked at level 35 in multi player and in all zombie maps from cod bo (kino, fives)

How do you unlock zombie maps in black ops?

First of all, dont hack it. Go to ur local video games shop and ask for cod black ops zombie maps. It will cost $15.00 Rezurrection DLC will include the 4 WAW maps Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, & Der Riese along with 5 new maps including zombie map Moon