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Games for the iPod Nano and iPod Classic cost about $4.99 each. However, there are certain apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone that are free.

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Q: Are ipod games from the Itunes store free?
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Does the iPod Touch have lots of games?

Yes. The iTunes Store has TONS of games for the iPod touch, free and pay.

Where can you download free games for ipod touch?

You can download free games from the App Store or through iTunes.

Where can you find free ipod touch games?

There are free games on iTunes, and pretty much any app store.

If you get the iPod Touch do you have to get WiFi to get free games?

You do not need Wi-Fi to get free games from the App Store or iTunes. You only need iTunes and an internet connection, because you can download any app on the App Store from iTunes.

What free games are for iPod chromatic?

Only the ones that come with your iPod Chromatic are free, (At least I think) but you can get some from iTunes if you have an iTunes store account. If you don't, you need to share credit card information with iTunes

On your ipod touch why can you buy games when you have no money?

There are many free games / applications for the iphone and ipod touch in the iTunes store. Go to the iTunes stone in iTunes, then in the search bar, type in free and it will come up with a section with the heading: applications. click see all and there you have it-free apps/games!

Where can you get iPod Nano games for free for your iPod?


Do you have to pay for downloading games on ipod touch?

It depends. The iTunes app store has many games that are free and many that are not.

Does a free itunes account come with purchase of ipod from apple store?

An iTunes account is always free, whether or not you purchase an iPod from the Apple Store.

Where do you get games for your iPod nano from?

the iTunes store

I just downloaded Tetris for free from limewire. Now how do i put it on my Ipod?

iPod games can only be purchased via the iTunes store and installed and managed via iTunes itself.

How do you put iPod games on your iPod?

You can get games from the itunes store and they download into your itunes. All you have to do then is resync it, making sure that all games is selcted in "games" on your ipod menu in itunes.If you can't sync it then just drag it onto your ipod in the itunes menu.