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It is possible though highly unlikely if you are using the condom properly and taking your pill consistently every night at the same time. And note that taking antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of your pill by a lot, so always be sure to use a back up form of contraception while on the pill.

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2008-10-06 21:50:58
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Q: Can you become pregnant if your on the pill and use a condom?
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Yes when i was pregnant before but im on the pill and you used a condom and took a home pregnancy test that came out negative should you be worried?

I'd be worried if you remained on the pill if you were pregnant. But if you are one the pill and a condom is in use, then 99.9% of the time you wouldn't get pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant while taking the diet pill OxyElite Pro?

Yes. If you do not wish to become pregnant always use a condom and/or a reliable birth control method.

Does the sperms get out during periods after the use of the morning after pill?

Hi, You cannot become pregnant during your period. This is physically impossible. Always use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

Can you still get pregnant if you use birth control and don't use a condom?

It can happen because none of them is 100% sure. The best combo is the pill and a condom.

Can you get pregnant while just using the pill or depo and not using a condom?

The chance of becoming pregnant while on the pill is less than 1% with perfect use (never missing a pill and taking the pill at the same time every day). With typical use, the chance is around 3%. So the likelihood of becoming pregnant while on the pill, but while not using a condom, is very low.

Can you get pregnant if you are taking birth control pills but did not use a condom?

The pill is 99% effective and it all depends if you are taking your pill right.

How do you stop to become pregnant?

you either stop doing it or use a condom

Can you get a girl on birth control pregnant?

If the girl is taking the pill perfectly then it is 99% effective. If she misses any pills her chance of getting pregnant increases. If you are not too worried about getting the girl pregnant because shes on the pill then don't use a condom. But if you are worried at all then definitely use a condom. Overall i recommend using a condom every time.

If you are on birth control and dont use a condom can you get pregnant?

If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.

What could lower the chance to become pregnant?

# Abstain from sex. # Use multiple methods of birth control (girl on the pill, buy wearing a condom). # Use any form of birth control.

When you miss a pill and the chances of becoming pregnant increases what should you then do to become protected again and how long will it take?

When you miss a pill take the next pill as soon as you remember and continue taking them as normal. However you will need to use a condom for seven days.

Can you get pregnant if you take birth control after unprotected sex?

Yes. You can still get pregnant. You should always start on the pill before and always use a condom anway the pill is wishy washy. Trust me.

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