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If you have been on Birth Control for over a month then you are protected against pregnancy.

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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant when on the pill but use no condom?
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What are the chances that you are pregnant if on mini pill and used condom but having a few pregnant symptoms a month later?

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

If you're on the pill and used a condom what are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom fell off but was still inside you?

even if you wouldn't have used a condom the chances would have been 99/1 because you're on the pill. now that you used double protection but it fell off i bet it was like 99,0000000001/1 so you don't have to worry. just try to get the condom out of the vagina ^^

If the condom broke but I am on BC i missed yesterdays pill but I took two today he didnt finish AND i took ECP not much more than an hour after it happened what are the chances of getting pregnant?

The chances are low.

Does the pill stop chances of getting pregnant in the future?

No. Once you're off the pill your period should normalise within a few months and then your chances of getting pregnant are back to where they would have been w/o the pill.

Do your chances of becoming pregnant while on the pill increase the more?

They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using protection on period?

It depends on the type of protection. (Birth Control Pill and condoms are the most effective at over 95% each) The more form (like pill and condom, or with spermidide and condom, ect.), the less likely it is that you could get pregnant. However, you can still get pregnant a few days after you initially had sex, so there is always a chance. But in this is case it is pretty slim.

Are the chances to get pregnant higher when you just got off the pill?

no. the chances of you getting pregnant are the same as if you hadn't taken birth control in months.

What is the pill called to stop women getting pregnant?

Birth control pill is a general name for a group of medications that can greatly reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant. There is still a chance of getting pregnant, but it is greatly reduced.

If you are on birth control and dont use a condom can you get pregnant?

If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.