Best Answer helps to bring the swelling down, but as long as you don't put it on for too long, and the piercing itself isn't constricted too tightly. I have a nose piercing too, and i do it all the time.

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Q: Can ice b put on swollen nose piercing?
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If you have your nose pierced more than 6 weeks than you get a runny nose and it gets all swollen what do you do and pus comes out of it but i still wantt my nose ring and i took it out 3 hr ago?

Well you just have to stay on top of cleaning the piercing even with a cold. Taking the jewellery out will do nothing but loose the piercing for you. Put the jewellery back in clean the piercing and leave it alone. The cold will go away and the piercing will heal.

Can you put a noes ring into your septum piercing?

You can put a nose ring but it may be too small. depends on your nose. Nose bones or screws wouldn't show but they'd keep the piercing open in a pinch.

How do you change a nose piercing?

First you buy a new nose ring. Second you wipe the peircing with piercing cleaner Third you carefully take out the nose ring Fourth you wipe the piercing with more piercing cleaner Fifth you carefully put in the new nose ring.... TADA!!!!

How do you get rid of the bump by my nose piercing?

try to put tee tree oil on it

How do you put in a nose piercing?

To out in a nose piercing, you have toClean your noseClean the stud/ringGet the stud/ring wetGet your nose wetand thenjust jam it throughBut don't get a nose stud with a ball at the end, it hurts getting in and outso if i were you, i would get what they call the cork screw.

What should you put on a swollen hand?

Usually, ice. It might depend on why it's swollen, though. If it is swollen from a sting or an allergic reaction, an ointment would be better.

What are the first aid given during nose bleeding?

hold your nose and put ice on it

How do you make the swelling on your cheek piercing go down?

put an ice bag on it

Can you put anything on the inside of your freshly pierced fishtail nose stud to support it?

You have to keep this piercing very clean, to prevent infection,so you should not put anything in your nose.

Are you likely to get infection if you put a nose retainer in after 2 weeks of having your nose piercing?

yes because it needs to be clean if not you need to get it cleaned

How do you treat a swollen jaw caused in boxing?

put ice on it and the put some hot rice in a sock heat it and then put it on your jaw

What part of speech is ice?

Ice is a noun (Put ice on your swollen knee) and a verb (Ice your swollen knee).