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You can put a nose ring but it may be too small. depends on your nose. Nose bones or screws wouldn't show but they'd keep the piercing open in a pinch.

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2011-02-27 04:32:06
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Q: Can you put a noes ring into your septum piercing?
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How do you put on your piercing retainer?

The same as how you put a piercing bar/ring in.

Can you put a eyebrow ring into a cartilage piercing?

I have one in my rook piercing.

How do you change a nose piercing?

First you buy a new nose ring. Second you wipe the peircing with piercing cleaner Third you carefully take out the nose ring Fourth you wipe the piercing with more piercing cleaner Fifth you carefully put in the new nose ring.... TADA!!!!

What do you do when your lip is swollen because of a lip piercing?

Take out the piercing and soak it in hydrogen peroxide. The put the peroxide on a cotton ball and clean where the piercing was. Afterwards, put the lip ring back in.

What is a navel ring retainer?

it is a plastic piece you put in to retain your navel piercing

What can you put in a new ear piercing to keep it open without the stud?

Put in a captive bead ring.

Can you take out a belly button ring and put it back without re piercing?


What can you do about a crooked tongue ring?

Put a shorter barbell in the piercing and it won't look crooked.

Can you use a belly ring as a septum ring?

Sorry, but i don't think it i possible to make a belly ring take it's place on your nose. If it's a straight barbell, You can put it in. But if it' curved and has a one big ball and a shorter one, Forget it, it would just look stupid. Source: Piercing that i have; Cartilage piercing on the right ear, 3 years Labret piercing: 8 month Snake bites :4 month Lobe(left): Since I'm born. Lobe(Right): Since I'm born now stretched to 1/2 inch.

What is a labret ring?

Well it's actually just a captive bead ring or seamless ring put into a labret piercing, it's not a special piece of jewellery.

What size of belly button ring should you put through your ear?

noneYou shouldn't put any sort of ring through your ear if you are thinking of piercing it with the ring go and see a professional and they will do it xx

Can you put something to replace your belly button ring if its lost?

Yes another navel ring, don't put junk in your piercing that isn't designed to be used as a navel ring. Go see your piercer and get another new ring.

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