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That would be impossible, bro

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โˆ™ 2012-03-08 18:27:48
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Q: Can i get thc in my system touching the buds just cut off the marijuana plant?
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What is marijuana made from?

Marijuana is a wild growing plant. The female plant produced buds, these buds are what we smoke to get high.

How can i tell if a marijuana plant is a male?

its has bananas not buds

Where is THC stored?

Inside the marijuana plant mostly the buds.

Can you get buds off of a male marijuana plant?

well yeah.! haha

Is there bacteria in marijuana?

It is very hard to grow a perfect marijuana plant. almost all buds from any plant grown will have some type of mold in it. its usually not harmfull but does take away from the thc entering your system.

How do you change a marijuana plant into smoking weed?

Pick the buds and let them dry.

Does marijuana grow into a tree?

nah its more like a plant. leaves and buds. kinda like flower buds i guess

Would marijuana be in your system if around it?

if the marijuana is being smoked then YES! but if you are just smelling dried buds then NO!

Is hemp fiber is obtained from the stem of marijuana plant?

Hemp anything is obtained from a hemp plant. Hemp is the male marijuana plant. It does not produce buds and barely contains any THC.

Why does marijuana buds get seeds?

After they have been fertilized all flowers produce seeds.Marijuana 'buds' are the female flowers of the plant and if they have been fertilized then there will be seeds.

Will male marijuana THC show on a drug test?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is produced in the buds of the female marijuana plant, THC does not naturally occur in male marijuana plants.

Do you cut your marijuana plant when its flowering?

nope that means your too late. the buds are what you cut, not the flowers

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