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No, the leaves are not as strong as the buds.

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2009-04-03 20:05:16
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Q: Are the leaves of marijuana as strong as the buds?
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What leaves can you smoke?

Some tea leaves and buds from marijuana

Can you smoke the leaves of marijuana?

You can smoke anything you want to put in a pipe and lite. You smoke the buds of marijuana, the leaves near the buds are more commonly used for cooking or hash production

Does marijuana grow into a tree?

nah its more like a plant. leaves and buds. kinda like flower buds i guess

Is pcp marijuana?

No, PCP or Phencyclidine is a synthetic dissociative, and was first synthesized in 1926; marijuana are the dried leaves and buds of the plant cannabis sativa.

Will marijuana leaves get you high?

yes they will get you high they have THC in them, just a substantial amount less than the buds

Where marijuna came from?

Marijuana is the dried buds (and leaves too, sometimes) of the Cannabis Sativa plant. From the US, a great amount of the mids (average marijuana) comes from Mexico.

What is marijuana made from?

Marijuana is a wild growing plant. The female plant produced buds, these buds are what we smoke to get high.

Does marijuana effect taste buds?

Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the taste buds. However, marijuana can increase your appetite, making food more appealing.

What happens if you smoke a marijuana leaf?

If you smoke marijuana leaves you will get a "mellow" high but it won't be a strong high as if you smoked the buds.x)

Which of marijuana plants produces buds?

Female plants will produce buds...

Is the top for leaves supposed to fall off of a marijuana plant?

during the budding process, you will expierience a lot of loss in leaves. this is normal and necessary for the plants buds to grow to there full potential.

How do you get your marijuana plants to produce buds?

look at it

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