Is marijuana a powder

Updated: 6/1/2024
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No, marijuana is a plant in the cannabis family.

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No, marijuana is not typically found in powder form. It is typically in the form of dried plant material, buds, or resin extracted from the plant.

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Q: Is marijuana a powder
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What forms can you buy marijuana in?

marijuana is basicaly the flower of the cannabis sativa/indica plant. when you dry the flower you get marijuana.

Can marijuana be laced with mescaline?

yes!!!! yes you can! mescaline can come in liquid or powder form in either case, the marijuana can be dipped or sprinkled on but this can be an intence time.

Marijuana that forms a powder like substance overtime while still in the bag?

It is called the THC crystal (tetrahydrocannabinol). The main psychoactive drug on marijuana. It can fall off and create a powder appearance. It is pure THC. That means you got some good weed

How do you lace a cigarette in cocaine?

PEOPLE WHO USE DRUGS will roll their own cigarette using tobacco or marijuana, and take cocaine that is crushed into a powder, and put it in as they roll it.

What is snow capping when smoking marijuana?

Snow capping is when you think you can fly and you adorn a cape and jump off a..... No, I'm lying. Its lacing a joint with cocaine. or any powder, but usually coke..

How many types of weed joints are there?

ok you first need to know weed branches into 2 groups with strains inside on of two. indica and sativa. indica is the pulsating body tingle relax feel with enhanced taste and pleasure sativa is seeing stuff color chnage and hearing music. most strains out there are indica dominant but here are some good strains white rhino, blue budha, sour diesiel, trainwreck, purple banana OG strawberry and blueberry kush, super silver haze, northern lights, white widow, black mamba, afghan, durban poison, ak, fire, ice, cheese, g-13, grape ape, grandaddy purp, strawberry cough, maui maui, super skunk, black purple and thousands more at least

What is sold as marijuana but is not marijuana?

oregano is something offtenly sold as marijuana

If you take fifty pills of natural cranberry powder concentrate will it work for a marijuana drug test eighteen hours from now?

Cranberry powder actually will not help you beat a drug test. Also, taking 50 might make you pretty ill. At the least it, will give you a pretty good case of diarrhea. Cranberry is very acidic.

Where is it legal to cultivate marijuana?

In majority of the world marijuana is ILLEGAL-to varying degrees. For example, in most Asian countries mere possession of a minimal amount of marijuana is punishable by life in prison. However, in other countries in Europe, such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, possession of marijuana is legal as long as used in designated areas (home, coffeeshops). Furthermore, in Pakistan, there is widespread use of hashish and bhang (marijuana powder) by thousands of laborers and street-dwellers without punishment. However, one must use caution in Arab countries as the Islamic punishment for drugs and alcohol are harsh, even ending in death for distribution (Koran laws against drugs).

How hazardous marijuana is?

Marijuana is not hazardous.

What is an anti marijuana catch phrase?

"Don't you wanna Marijuana".or"Marijuana, don't you wanna".

What plants are in marijuana?

Marijuana is not in any plant - it is a plant. Cannibus Sativa is the 'Marijuana Plant'.