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Really, really good pot is covered in those white crystals (and aren't they beautiful?). They're pure THC; they're called THC crystals, or "keef." See the Related Link below.

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Q: Why is marijuana covered with white crystals?
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Badwater Basin in Death Valley is covered with white salt crystals. What is likely to be true of this area?

The white salt crystals have a high albedo

Where do crystals come from?


Where do THC crystals come from?


Who to call when marijuana addiction?

Marijuana is a non-addictive substance. If someone is "addicted" to it, then they should check it for small white crystals. You can't be addicted to marijuana, but you can be addicted to cocaine. Some dealers "lace" their marijuana with cocaine to make it stronger. If there are no crystals and you still feel addicted, then its a mental addiction. With less use it will go away

What kind of marijuana has little crystals like tiny window panes on it?

The good kind. The more crystals, the better. The crystals are what get you high I believe

How long would marijuana in a jar take to crystalize?

Marijuana will not crystalize in a jar, it will decompose. The crystals that you are probably referring to occur naturally during the growth process of the marijuana plant. Some strains of this plant do not produce any crystals visible to the human eye while others produce a widely visible array of shiny crystals.

How could you tell whether the white crystals you have are sodium chloride or sodium iodide?

Crystals are white and cloudy

What were Michael Jackson's gloves made out of?

Spandex covered with crystals.

What chemical is on marijuana that makes you high?

THC the crystals that make yu feel high

What were the emerald city horses covered in?

colored jell-o crystals

Why are some frozen pizzas covered with ice crystals?

Freezer burn?

Will white widow weed kill you?

No, if it is unadulterated marijuana (which it almost certainly is) it will not kill you. White widow is a specific strain of marijuana.