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Q: Can drinking too much alcohol cause your adenoids to swell?
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Does eating ice make your stomach to swell?

Reports are mixed whether ice causes a stomach to swell. Stomach swelling is more likely caused by eating and drinking things that cause bloating, such as soda and alcohol.

Can alcohol cause your face to swell?

if your allergic to something in the drink it can

Does drinking water after a meal cause your tummy to swell?

no not really. The fact is if you drink cold water

Can excessive drinking cause feet to swell?

The ankles and feet may swell when drinking alcohol because the body cannot process the alcohol fast enough. Water retention can also occur because the kidneys cannot keep up with the added acidity of the blood due to the alcohol.

Does pregnancy cause your feet to swell?

Pregnancy may cause your feet to swell.

What can cause blood passages to swell?

Infections causes it to swell

Why does my body swell after a night of drinking?

Because you're pregnant.

Can drinking to much alchol causes tongue to swell up?


When you crack your knuckles do your hands swell?

No. Cracking your knuckles does not cause your hands to swell.

Why does alcohol cause swollen hands?

I am a celiac, which means I have an allergy to glutton. Drinking anything with glutton causes my face to swell. MANY people suffer from celiacs and have no idea because in many cases the symptoms are mild and the body can also eventually get acclimated to certain foods where little to no symptoms will occur. This may not correlate to your situation but if stomach problems are coupled with your swelling after drinking beer, (not rum or tequilla as they contain no glutton) than you may want to get checked out.

Can your eys swell up from drinking alcohol?

Yes. Especially if you happen to be allergic to some of the ingredients in the drinks. Another cause is the smoke in bars and where people have congregated to drink.

Why is bad drinking too much water?

It can drown your cells, making them swell