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You can get the line on your belly after ten weeks of pregnancy.

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2009-07-09 06:36:37
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Q: At how many weeks do you get the line on your belly while pregnant?
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Do pregnant woman only get the dark line when there pregnant?

Do you mean the dark line running from your belly button to your groin? This can occur during pregnancy but some women also have this line when they are not pregnant.

Does that line going from your belly button to your vagina mean your pregnant?

No, it doesnt :) dont worry

When does the brown line start showing on your stomach if you are pregnant?

I was told by my doctor around 16 weeks. However, he aslo has the theory that if it is a girl there will be no line does anyone agree No, I am having a baby girl and I am getting the brown line down my stomach. It is starting below the belly button.

Why do i have a Brown line under your belly button after a miscarriage?

You mean the vertical line from your bellybutton and down? Pregnant women get that due to hormones.

I have a light brown line from your belly button downWhat is it?

A light brown line from your belly button down is called the linea negra. It is quite common in pregnant women and usually disappears after the birth.

I did a pregncy test and the line was faint does this mean i am pregnant?

Yes,,, a line is a line. It just means that the HCG level in your urine is not that high. SO you may be a few weeks pregnant or so.

If you don't get the brown line on your pregnant belly does that mean it's a boy?

no the line is just telling you that your hormones are changing some people dont even have the line in the middle.

Is it normal to have a dark ring around your belly button while you are pregnant?

I have been searching for an answer to this as well because I am pregnant (30 weeks) and have the same thing... Please let me know if you have found any info, I will continue to search and if I find anything I will keep you posted. Helen Chapman ( I am 8 months pregnant and about 4 moths along I started getting a dark line all the way down the middle of my belly from just under my breasts all the way to the bottom of my belly. This is very common, healthy, and normal. Therefore, getting a dark ring around your naval might have something to do with the same thing. Yes it is very common, about 40% of women get it. It is called the linea nigra (black line)

What does the dark line on your stomach mean from your belly button down?

In yamatji way it means when your pregnant Itz a boy and a line goin further up its a girl

Does a faint line joining from the top of your pelvis to your belly button mean your pregnant?

No it doesn't mean you are pregnant. Sometimes woman who are pregnant have it the line comes out. It could just also mean you are going through puberty I have it and I am 12 years old and has had it since last summer.

How soon do you get black line on belly?

It may be one of the early signs, at six weeks or so or you may never get one, I didn't.

Why is there a dark line going down my belly?

Could be prego..... Some women have it when puberty starts but it doesn't mean u are pregnant

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