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In yamatji way it means when your pregnant Itz a boy and a line goin further up its a girl

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Q: What does the dark line on your stomach mean from your belly button down?
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If you are pregnant is it normal for your stomach to be soft above your belly button but hard under your belly button down to your private area?

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into your abdomen and your entire stomach will soon be hard just the same! Good luck!

Can you make your belly button pop out?

It is possible. I can do it by pushing down on both sides of my belly button. I can't get it to stay out without tying it up, but some people can.

Why do you have a dark line going down my belly?

Could be prego..... Some women have it when puberty starts but it doesn't mean u are pregnant

What is a boys happy trail?

It is the hair that goes down from the boy's belly button.

Is a belly ring something you forget you have...What are the chances for a belly ring to mirgrate out the body?

I got my belly button done February 24, 2010, and I have completely forgotten about, beside the cleaning two times a day, I don't feel it when I sleep on my stomach. For a belly button ring to migrate out of the body your piercer would have to not put the piercing back far enough. Sometimes your body knows there is something foreign in it, but you can't stop it, you can slow it down by wearing a light ring.

When does the brown line start showing on your stomach if you are pregnant?

I was told by my doctor around 16 weeks. However, he aslo has the theory that if it is a girl there will be no line does anyone agree No, I am having a baby girl and I am getting the brown line down my stomach. It is starting below the belly button.

Does a guys happy trail go from the belly button all the way down?


Was penny's belly button seen on the rescuers?

It was when Brutus holds her upside down by her underwear.

What are those shirts called that goes halfway down your belly and a little above your stomach?

To short for you

Poke your belly button and lose weight?

Poking the belly button does not necessarily amount to weight loss. Someone needs to go on a diet or take up physical exercises to cut down on weight.

Do all women get a dark line down there stomach when pregnant?

i was born with a dark line down my stomach but when i got pregnant with my daughter it went up and around the incision of surgery i had. but with my son it didnt

Can you get a belly button piercing while pregnant?

You could but it's not a good idea. When your belly button shrinks back down to size the piercing could be uneven. It's best just to wait until you have your baby.