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Do you mean the dark line running from your belly button to your groin?

This can occur during pregnancy but some women also have this line when they are not pregnant.

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2011-03-24 19:51:41
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Q: Do pregnant woman only get the dark line when there pregnant?
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On a clear blue pregnancy test what does one dark line mean?

If it is digital you are not supposed to read the lines, only the "pregnant" or "not pregnant." If it is a regular one, it means you are not pregnant or the test was not done correctly.

How pregnant are you if your test has 2 dark lines?

The only way to tell how pregnant you are is by seeing a doctor, a pregnant test only tells you if you are or are not pregnant

Can a woman get pregnant?

Most can, some are unable to for various reasons. In speaking of humans, only a woman can get pregnant.

Can overmastubation man make a woman pregnant?

No amount of masturbation can make a woman pregnant, she can only get pregnant if sperm fuses with an egg cell.

You had cybersex with your girlfriend is she pregnant?

a woman cannot get pregnant by having "cybersex" only the admission of sperm in a woman's vagina.

Can women get pregnant from woman's vaginal fluid?

No. Only sperm can make you pregnant.

Can a woman can be pregnant by man's saliva?

Only if there is sperm in that saliva

Can pregnant woman eat jackfruit?

no they can only eat benfruit

Can get pregnant when sperms enter from mouth of woman?

Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

How does a transsexual woman get a normal woman pregnant?

She can only do that if she was born a man and still had male genitals.

Could a women still get pregnant if hymen is broken?

Basically, a woman can only get pregnant after the hymen is broken.

Endocrine producing organ present only in pregnant woman?


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