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No, they are not.

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Q: Are all Browning Superposed barrels interchangeable?
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Are all browning a-5 barrels interchangeable?

No. You will have to take it to a qualified gunsmith and have it checked out.

What is the difference between a browning superposed ou shotgun and a browning superposed lightning ou shotgun?

The lightening model is essentially the same as the regular superposed, with several weight saving modifications. These include slimmer forearm, lighter barrels, and small internal changes to the receiver. All in all, the weight savings are about a 1/2 pound. -jimmy

Are all browning superposed made in Belgium?


What barrels are interchangeable with the mossberg 500A?


What is the value of a Browning Superposed 12 OU serial number 36708S5?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and markings.

Do all A5 Browning Shotguns have vented rib barrels and gold triggers?


What is a browning superposed Broadway?

The Browning Superposed Broadway shotgun is a variant of the popular Browning Superposed Over & Under double barrel shotguns produced in the late 1950s and 1960s (possibly as late as 1975). These shotguns were primarily intended for trapshooting and the "Broadway" term refers to the wide sighting rib (5/8" wide) running the full length along the top of the upper barrel. Standard Superposed shotguns typically had a rib 3/8" wide. The Broadway superposed shotguns were 12 guage (12 bore) with 2 3/4" chambers (3" magnum loads will not work in these guns and it is dangerous to try). Typically they Broadway trap guns had 30" or 32" barrels although it is possible that some custom lengths could exist. The original barrels had fixed chokes, usually modified, improved modified, and full in a variety of combinations with the most common usually being modified on the lower barrel and full choke on the upper. The Superposed Broadway shotguns were all made in Belgium and are exceptionally fine firearms. Many are still in use today by competition shooters despite being more than 40 years old. Some have had hundreds of thousands of rounds fired from them. Browning produced Broadway Superposed shotguns in a variety of finishes including the Midas Grade which included heavy engraving and gold inlay.

What year was a browning superposed lightening over and under shotgun serial number 1246 manufactured?

late 40's early 50's.The Browning superposed grade I lightning was made starting in 1936.They came with striped barrels-ribs were extra.the original butt plates had 2 intertwined circles and were made of horn!If you have this,and the fact that serial number 1246 was apart of the first year of production(1-2000) plus a Twin single trigger all indicates that your Superposed lightning is a first year production shotgun.It also must be chambered in 12 gauge.If you have a 20 gauge model,then it was made in the year 1949.

Can you get replacement barrels for old Browning A5 Shot gun.?

there are many avenues to find barrels for A5's. Try the "" firearm barrel section. A5 barrels are sold there all the time.

Is there a interchangeable barrel for a sportsman 48 20 gauge?

Sportsman 48, 11-48 and Mohawk 48 barrels are interchangeable. All are becoming increasingly difficult to find in good condition.

When did vented rib Browning barrels start?

The FN Catalog in the early 1910s listed the vent as an option. When Browning began importing in 1923 as the Browning Arms Co, they were available on all automatics for an extra fee.

Are browning shotgun barrels chrome lined?

No. All current Citori, Cynergy, Maxus and Silver shotguns as well as the BAR centerfire rifle have chrome-lined chambers.From Browning customer service in response to a question on the Browning website.