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Q: What barrels are interchangeable with the mossberg 500A?
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Is a Mossberg 600AT pump the same as the 500A?


How can you tell if you have a mossberg 500 or a mossberg 500a?

If you have a 500, and it is a 12 gauge, it is a 500A. The "A" designates it as a 12ga. A 500B is a 16ga, a C is a 20ga, and an E is a .410.

Can you use a new Mossberg 500 barrel on your Western Field M550ABD 12ga?

western field/mossberg interchangabilityYes, You can interchange the mossberg 500a barrels with Your Western FieldM550abd. I want to improve the question. can interchange be accomplished in both westernfield 550abd and 550ad

Is the Mossberg model 500A a good shotgun?


What does 500a L109563 mean on the gun?

It means you have a Mossberg Model 500a shotgun with the serial number L109563.

What is the value of a Mossberg 500A shotgun?

175-350 USD

What year was your mossberg 500a manufactured?

You will have to call the company to find out.

Is the mossberg 500a use for hunting deer?

It can be, if you are using a slug

Is the Mossberg 600AT the same as the 500A?

Yes, it is. The 600AT was simply sold under the New Haven name instead of the Mossberg brand. It's a Mossberg 500A (12 gauge) intended for targets and hunting (long barrel and great wood). All Mossberg 500 parts fit it.

How can you determine the age of a Mossberg 500A shotgun?

The best way to find the age of a Mossberg 500A Shotgun is simply to call the company's customer service line and have the serial number and model number handy. Mossberg has yet to publish a list of their serial numbers in relation to the dates of manufacture.

What is the value of a Mossberg 500A Persuader Maxi-Combo shotgun?

50-250 or so

What is the value of a mossberg 500A 12 ga?

I have sold a dozen of them in good condition from $125.00 to $175.00.