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The FN Catalog in the early 1910s listed the vent as an option. When Browning began importing in 1923 as the Browning Arms Co, they were available on all automatics for an extra fee.

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Q: When did vented rib Browning barrels start?
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Do all A5 Browning Shotguns have vented rib barrels and gold triggers?


Browning uo ser no 28339 is 12g 30 inch barrels vented rib pheasants engraved on both sides of breech block what grade and approx value please thank you?

iam not sure on the grade but its value is about 3-5 1/2 grand depending on its condition.

Browning A-5 12ga serial no 1m 64677 when was this browning produced and for how much was it to buy?

Your gun is a Standard Weight model made in 1961. The suggested retail price when new was $134.50 with a plain barrel - $154.50 with a vented rib barrel.

What is the value of a serial 01939 with a vented rib bird barrel and smooth bore Browning slug barrel in very good condition?

Incomplete serial number. Value from $500-$1000.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Browning Auto-5 with a vented rib serial oz45536?

That is a Light-20 made in 1960. In excellent shape, over $1000. In 'shooter' condition, about $500.

What is the value of a 1935 Browning Auto-5 shotgun?

It can vary quite a bit depending on what grade and the PPGS grading (60% to 100%). All 4 grades were made with no rib, solid rib, and vented rib (each being more valuable repectively). So the range is Grade 1 60% @ $250, to grade 4 vented rib 100% @ $4900. Hope this helps. You need to find your grade & PPGS grading and then check a "Gun Values" book to be accurate.

Could you please tell me what year and grade my browning UO is ser no 28339?

1952. No way to tell you the grade without a detailed description that includes, gauge, barrel length, front sight, rib or vented rib, finish, engraving, inlays, etc..

What is value model?

1200 vented rib 12 gauge

What is value of model?

1200 vented rib 12 gauge

What is est value of model?

1200 vented rib 12 gauge

What year was the browning a-5 magnum 12 w vented rib and 32 full choke barrel came out and the amount they are worth today?

You will have to provide the serial number to date it. You can see sn tables at