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1450 according to something I saw on Google.

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Q: How many calories equal 26 Weight Watchers points?
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How many calories equal 38 Weight Watchers points?

1900 calories !!!

How many Weight Watchers points equal 1500 calories?

how many weight watchers plus points plan are in a 1500 calories daily Diet plan

How many calories equal 22 Weight Watchers points?

Approximately 1100

How many calories equal 34 weight watchers Daily Points Plus?


How many Weight Watcher points are in a tablespoon of brown sugar?

3 teaspoons would be equal to 1 tablespoon. If a teaspoon is equal to 17 calories, a tablespoon will run you around 51 calories. The 51 calories when converted to the Weight Watcher point system, the tablespoon of brown sugar will be equal to 1 point.

How many Weight Watchers points in 2 slices of bacon?

2 slices of bacon is equal to 3 Weight Watchers points. If you have turkey bacon, it is less.

How many weight watchers points is in 1 cup of almond milk?

1 cup is 240ml, and 240ml of almond milk is equal to two weight watchers points.

What does a Weight Watcher point equal in calories?

points(calories,fat,fiber)=round( (calories/50) + (fat/12) - (min(fiber,4)/5) ) The Weight Watchers points means every 50 calories is a single weight watcher point, 12 fat grams is a single weight watchers point, and for each fiber gram you take away 1/5th of a weight watcher point, up to a maximum of 4 fiber grams. The final points value will be the total points rounded to the nearest whole number.

How many calories equal 28 weight watcher points?


How many eggs would it take to equal a three-ounce portion of lean?

According to the Weight Watchers program which uses points rather than calories, an egg is 2 points. Also under Weight Watchers, a 3 ounce portion of lean meat is 5 points. The equivalent amount of eggs would, therefore be two and a half eggs.

What does 1 point equal on Weight Watchers?

I was told at a weightwatcher's meeting that one point was almost 60 calories.

How may weight watcher points are in 5 walnuts?

Because of the nuclear makeup of walnut, they contain too much hydrodioxicloridine, a chemical that is used in the Weight Watchers point distribution system, this has produced an error that makes 5 walnuts equal about 10,000 weight watchers points.

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