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They weren't discontinued. Still available at numerous drugstores nationwide.

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Q: Why was doans pills discontinued?
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Medicines that start with a D?

* Dristan cold medicine * Doans Pills (for back pain) * Dramamine (for motion sickness) * Dime-A-Tap cold medicine

What are some bathroom supplies that start with D?

* dandruff shampoo * deodorant * Dail soap * Dristan cold medicine * Doans Pills (for back pain) * Dimeatapp (allergy medication)

Why cold pills discontinued?

Some pills may have been took of the market because of health risks, or possible abuse.

What are medicine cabinet items beginning with letter d?

* dental floss * Dial soap * diet pills * denture cream * Dristan cold medicine * Dimatap cold medicine * Dramamine (pills for motion sickness) * deodorant * Desitin ointment (diaper rash) * Doans Pills (for backaches) * Dalcolax (stool softener)

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lisinopril should be tapered slowly and not discontinued abruptly.

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That's a good question. Prescription pills often have warnings on the label that would speak of various dangers. However, to be extra safe, you should consult with your doctor, and ask him what - if any - of your prescriptions may need to be discontinued.

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I am guessing from all information I can locate that EZ Body Slimmer has been discontinued. However, if that is not the case you may be able to purchase them online.

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