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You will have to ask her. That is unusual.

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Because she wants to have sex! or because she thinks youre gross and wants to teach you how to really clean your body.

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small penis

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Q: Why does your girlfriend not like to shower?
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Why won't your girfriend get in the shower?

Your girlfriend may refuse to get in the shower because she is shy or does not feel comfortable taking a shower at your place. The best way to establish the reason she won't get in the shower is to ask her in a friendly way and avoid making her feel uncomfortable.

How can you shower your with girlfriend with affection?

have you tryed washing her? it may not seem like it but girls actually love it when someone cleans them up while making out... just start out slow, your girlfriend may get mad at you, if you try to go clean her up down low to soon... ^^

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Well, she should like you, because she's your girlfriend. If she didnt like you, she wouldn't be your girlfriend

What would happen if i ejaculate in my girlfriend's ear?

nothing's going to happen.she might be needing a good shower with you to clean it!!

I want to kiss my gf but she has bad smellwhat can I do?

If your girlfriend has a bad smell, you can try to give her hints so that she can shower.

Who do you like as a girlfriend?

what i like about girlfriend is that she is always the when you need her support

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Justin Bieber dated his girlfriend for 20seconds and he dump her after that there are done kissing in the bathroom with there cloth off and there underwear off in the shower together.

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Just like the rest of us deferent hippies shower at different rates. I'm guessing that they shower every day like the rest of us.

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Whichever you like. Like are you standing ON line or IN line .How you express this is purely a matter of personal preference .

How do you get rid of zits on your back?

have your girlfriend or in your case your mother pick them!! plain and simple and wash your back once in a while when you shower.