I want to kiss my gf but she has bad smellwhat can I do?

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2014-06-15 11:52:03

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If your girlfriend has a bad smell, you can try to give her hints so that she can shower.

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2014-06-15 11:52:03
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Q: I want to kiss my gf but she has bad smellwhat can I do?
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Which side of the cheek should you kiss?

its easier to kiss your gf/bf on the cheek if (in my opinion) your back is to a wall then kiss the cheek closest to u then the other

What age should you have your first kiss and when should you with our girlfriend?

The answer to have your first kiss should be around 12-14.And the time to kiss ur gf would be about 3 or more weeks into dating. Or if you want to both do it then a.s.a.p.! If you havent asked that gf should you ask her before that 3 or more weeks?No. because if you do she will be creeped out,and possibly dump you. For more info on how to kiss and other stuff i will be happy to answer them as quick as possible. Also on stuff like how do you know he/she likes you.I will have an account soon.

Is it bad not to have had your first kiss at 12?

Maybe YOU should answer that.Are you ready for this? Who do you like, because they may not like to kiss. It is pathetic to kiss in a fake relationship. A fake one is one where kids say "Whats up?" in halls and ignore their GF or BF for their friends. Kiss on the first date, not before you are twosomes.Also, if you are hesitant, wait longer. You don't need to kiss now. You are a child. Only if you are totally positive. Follow your heart young one!

So me and my crush kissed but he has a gf and after a kiss he asked me if i ever had a bf what does that mean?

Your crush could be wondering if you were also taken.

Should you get your crush when you have a boyfriend?

well if you want to but if you do that would be cheating.If you really want to be with the guy/chick u like then u r going to have to break up with your BF\GF BF=Boyfriend GF=Girlfriend.

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Does your boyfriend want to kiss you?

Well yeah evry bf should wanna kiss his gf!

How do you make your gf want to kiss you?

If she does not like kissing, you do not have to force her. Talk to her first.

Im 13 and you have never kissed a girl before and you and your gf want to kiss but she has had a lot of experience and you have not you dont want o be bad how do you practice?

By kissing another girl first so you dont embarrass yourself.

How do i give my GF a hint that i want to kiss her without making her feel awkward or embarrassing myself?


How do you kiss your gf?

You could tell her you want to kiss her, if you want to. when your about to, you may want to hug first. or kiss first then hug. but for me it would be sorta akward without a hug in there somewhere. When my boyfriend kissed me, we hugged, then kissed and it was awesome. Good luck!;)

You want to kiss mygirlfriend?

Urm okay your really weird for putting this question down ????? why the hell would we want to kiss your gf when weve never seen her or fxck all you gay!

Should i have kiss with my gf?


Are girlfriends and boyfriends bad?

no, boyfriends and girlfriends are not bad. it is just a normal part of life. Some people just want a BF or a GF to show off. And they sometimes think to themselves 'hey, look at me, i have a GF/BF and you don't'. sometimes sometimes it is bad to have a BF or a GF

Did you kiss your gf?

I sure did I did it at a park at the water fountain.

What does one needing a kiss say?

Say "Do you want to kiss?" to your bf/gf. Or, if you think he/she wants one too or romantic music is playing, lean forward and close your eyes.

How do you kiss a girl even if she is dating someone else?

you don't. would you want someone to do that to your gf? then you don't do it to someone else. sorry bud.

Does your gf want you to touch her boos?

my gf does and shes 18

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