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Generally, a woman can expect a period by about 6 weeks after giving birth.

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Q: When do your periods return after birth?
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Do you still have periods when your pregnant?

No, when your pregnant your periods stop completely. Then return after the birth. This is because your egg is being used and isn't going to be flushed away, meaning no blood can be released.

How long til periods are normal after taking hormone meds?

After you stop the birth control pill, your cycles will return to their natural pattern within a couple of months. If your periods were irregular before you went on the pill, they're likely to be irregular after.

Birth control skiping periods?

Women can take the birth control pills continuously without a break to skip the periods.

Can a person conceive a baby after not having a menstrual cycle for 20 months due to Depo-Provera birth control injections?

Once the injections are stopped, periods should return and then you can get pregnant.

While on birth control how long should your periods last?

While on birth control, your periods should last just as long as when you're not on birth control. Some women regularly experience 2-3 day periods while other women can regularly experience 6-8 day periods.

How do you get your period back on track after birth control?

There's nothing you need to do. Your menstrual cycle will return to its previous pattern within a month or two of stopping birth control (except for Depo Provera, after which it could take 1-18 months, with an average of 11 months). If your cycles were irregular before, you will likely return to your previous pattern of irregular periods.

When you get the implanon birth control does it reset your periods?

It will change your periods but they will still be there but you will just have them at different times of the month.

Is is normal to miss your period a month after stopping birth control?

Your first period after stopping birth control pills will normally arrive in 4-6 weeks. If your periods were irregular before you went on the pill, they're likely to return quickly to their previous irregular pattern.

What are sticky sites?

sites that customers visit for long periods, and return to it.

When does your periods return after a miscarriage?

Usually about 4-6 weeks afterward.

Can girls get rid of periods?

Periods will become frequent with certain birth control medicines, but they also can cause infertiliy.

Your son is 15 months you breastfeed himhave not got your periods after his birth?

Generally while woman are breastfeeding they do not have periods.