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Sounds like neither of you have grown up and spit right in the face of the oath you both took at your wedding. Now you're paying for what you have done. You can either keep making the same mistakes or learn from them and be a better person from it. Cheating is the chicken way out. If you truly are unhappy then it's best to divorce. Sounds like the two of you have your sexual preferences and have both agreed that it's OK to cheat. Now she has a mistress??? Slowing down on calling her mistress means that she's had her fling, the magic is over and it's time to turn on to someone else. Is this the way you both want to live? If you so choose, then each to their own.

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Q: What is going on when a married woman has an affair and her husband had an affair and she slows down on calling her mistress?
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My husband is calling a previous mistress and in am emotional relationship with her Will it become another affair in time?

yes the same hapend to me and fast

Ending an affair?

how does a husband who claims he fell in love with his mistress end this affair i thought we've been happily married for twenty seven years

Who is responsible on stopping the harassment the wife is receiving by the mistress the other woman or the married man who had the affair?

Women by nature are jealous of the other woman so they have a tendency to blame the mistress in the affair and even when the mistress harasses the wife, but it is the husband in this case that should stop the harassment because he started it all. Get tough with the husband and ignore the mistress; the ball is in his court.

Is the affair over after mistress tells spouse?

ANSWER: Are you joking, did you think because you had told his wife what he was doing, that will be the end of it. Mistress hardly go and see the wife, of the man she was having the affair, her intent is if the wife learn about her husband, it will automatically going to kick him out of their house. And this is mistress dream. When a woman becomes the mistress it will be for her benefit as well as the married man, why? the only way a mistress can let go her married lover is when she have a soul.

Who's problem is it to resolve if the other woman is still contacting the wife and the married man she had the affair with?

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

What can you get if your married 3 yrs 1 child and your husband had an affair and a child with them then left and moved in with the mistress?

He same if you did it instead. Most states are no fault.

Does a spouse need to sleep with the other woman before calling her his girlfriend or mistress?

You call her mistress until you have sex with her, then you call her your girlfriend.AnswerNo - an affair is an affair. An affair of the heart is just as damning as an affair involving sex.ANSWER:If your husband is seeing the other woman and they went out on a date a few times, he can call her his girlfriend because he is doing the proper ways how to impress a woman. From there they will become more closer because your husband is sharing all the secret that your the only one knew. Girlfriend or mistress has the same meaning, except the words " mistress" is more nasty because the other woman enter to his world. And yes the other person up is right " affair is a affair."

Can a wife file civil suit against her husbands mistress in the state of Minnesota?

It depends on the circumstance. Filing a suit simply because the mistress engaged in an affair will most likely fail in a courtroom. A judge is more likely to hold the married individual (the husband, in this case) more responsible than the mistress, considering that the married individual broke a contract (the contract being the marriage) and the mistress did not (assuming the mistress is not married).

How does a mistress get over her married lover?

How? maybe it's the same way when a wife finds out that her husband is having an affair. But why do we need to be concern how she feels? Even if its the married man's fault, the mistress is also part of the pain and betrayal. The mistress knows the day she connected with the married man was the start of her life with him without thinking of the wife. And that's my own opinion.

When the wife finds out and the husband turns on the mistress?

ANSWER:Are you talking about the wife discovered her husband's affair? If she did and her husband made a choice of going to his mistress, the answer is right in front of you. Your husband pick the other woman and I know its sad after what you've been through. Now you must think about you now, and make a decision to do the right thing.Let me tell you what had happen to me, I discovered the man I marry's affair. My children and I was shock and our world change that moment I caught him. Instead of being concerned that I discovered his affair, he was more concerned on calling his mistress and warned her that I knew what's going on. And this is the man I spent 2 decade of my life waiting for him and making his life comfortable.

Does the wife usually tell her husband not to talk to the mistress anymore after the affair has been discovered or does the husband make that choice?

You shouldn't even stay married to him if that happens! ANSWER: I did mine, and yes our husband has the choice to do it if they want to. But the question is will it be the right thing to do if the husband still kept the communication from his mistress ( ex). If the spouse wont stop, this is a sign that no matter what you ask him he will ignore you, is showing that he can't live without being connected with his mistress.

Does a cheating husband start to mis the ex mistress after 1 year affair?

It depends on the people involved