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i would tell the husband its 'me or her' and let him choose!!

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2011-06-26 07:30:05
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Q: What would you do if you found out your husbands mistress has a child with the woman he had the affair with?
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How often does a wife think about her husbands affair and what reminds her of it?

My father had an affair, and my mother found out, and no matter what an argument was about, my mother threw the affair in his face, every time, for the next 50 years. So the answer is ALWAYS and ANYTHING.

How does the mistress feel after the affair is found out?

ANSWER: Well, I've never been a mistress, but I could use my husband's mistress and now ex-mistress. But before I go on, just want to write one thing that really annoyed or upset the man that I married. He asked me not to call the woman he had an affair with, his ex girlfriend, mistress and even a lover, "Ditto" right? To continue, how does the mistress feel when the affair has been discovered? From my own experience, my husband said to me that she understood from the start that he doesn't want to break his family for our kid's sake, devoted right but this conversation they had was after he slept with her. To make the story short, his mistress is still part of our life, but if you ask him he will tell you that he already washed his hands when it comes to her. This woman is pissed and hurt, not betrayed, wives are the one that feel betrayed. For 3 years now his ex mistress has done everything possible, so my husband will know who he messes around with. At first he blamed me because I humiliated her, duh! if I'm not carrying his last name and if he didn't betray and used my secret to her, my life will not be this way. Anyway she send text, email, regular letters, passing through our house, will shout in front of my home, left roses in front of our front door for him, harass my 2 daughters inside the face book, gave me the voice recorded she made while they were having sex. This are some of the things that she does, and now writing me a very nice letter asking me for something. But it differ to individual, but this is mine so I guess mistress has different kinds of tantrum

Will my ex husband ever regret marrying his mistress?

ANSWER: We will never know whether our husband or ex husband will ever regret marrying his mistress. But if you look at it, if your ex will be sorry or even admit he made a mistake because of his affair, he wouldn't marry the other woman. When a man ask a woman to marry him, it means that he can't live without her. But because this other woman is different from you, ( his tell tale) he found out that he wants a life with her not from you, it only took him a few years before he realize your not the woman he really love and wants to get old with you.

How many pregnant women use Marijuana?

Alot of women actually use marijuana, i have a friend that smokes it. But most stop a couple months before they have to give birth. For if it is found in their blood system when they have the child, the child will be taken away

Why are husbands never satisfied?

Through my life I have found that men love the hunt and like the challenge , start doing things like you did when you first met , most men like to stay active , so go back to the basic's and charm him all over again , it can be fun

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What would you do with hollow files of your husbands naked mistress if you found them on your personal computer?

post them on youtube

Can you sue your husband when you found out he has a child in her mistress?

no you cant sorry

How often does a wife think about her husbands affair and what reminds her of it?

My father had an affair, and my mother found out, and no matter what an argument was about, my mother threw the affair in his face, every time, for the next 50 years. So the answer is ALWAYS and ANYTHING.

Who is el greco's mistress or wife?

Dona Jeroima Cuervas was El Greco 's mistress or wife. Nobody every found out if it was his wife but they had a child together, a male child named Jorge.

What was the reason behin Agatha Christie's disappearance in 1926?

After her husband left her for a younger woman, her car was found with no gas. After a while she was found in a hospital under the name of her husbands mistress! Creepy right!!! NO one knows why! do you?

How can a wife tell if husband still wants to be with the other woman?

He probably does want to be with her..... but the wife (if she found out) uses her control over him to force him into not being with her. Sometimes it depends on how deep the affair with the mistress was.

Is it normal to wish that I'd never found out my husbands love affair?

Yes. You feel that it'd be better to not have known that he has cheated on you. By knowing what he has done, you feel heartbrokened. It's normal to feel how you feel after what you've been through.

Why does Scrooge's girlfriend return her ring to him?

He has found another mistress, money.

You have found spunk in several of your husband's pants and trousers Does this mean he is having an affair?

Ask him about it, first, but likely no, as the aforementioned 'spunk' would probably be either A) On the stomach of his mistress, B) Inside of her, somewhere, or C) in a condom that you never saw. Does that not makes sense?

Who was involved in 'The Eleven Missing Days' by Agatha Christie?

"The Eleven Missing Days" refers to Agatha Christie's disappearance (for eleven days) after having an argument with her husband over his affair. She was found in a hotel in Yorkshire, where she had booked a room under her husband's mistress' name.

Did Jackie Kennedy have William Holden's baby?

Supposedly, there are tapes on which Jackie Kennedy Onasis admits to having a revenge affair with William Holden. Nothing was found that indicates she had his child.

Why did Hitler's wife kill herself?

she found out her husbands gas bill

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