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the pill can make your periods lighter, shorter and can reduce/get rid of period pains. there are a few side effects, slight weight gain, nausea and tender breasts.

you take the pill for 21 days, and on the 7days you do not take it you will have your period, and when your are done you continue taking the pill, and the cycle continues.

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Q: What does the pill do to your period?
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Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

What is a sugar pill and what does it do?

A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

How long does it take for your period to return after missing a pill?

Your period should not be delayed from missing a single pill.

Can you stop your menstrual cycle by taking a pill?

If you're already on your period then the pill may reduce the flow of your period but will not stop it. However if you're not on your period you can stop your period by taking the pill but it isn't advisable as a permanent thing.

Do you get your period if you miss the pill?


You only get your period if you take birth control?

No. You get a period with/without the pill. All the pill does is protect you from getting pregnant.

Period started early do I stop taking the pill until after my period is over?

No, continue taking the pill as scheduled.

Is you period the same after stopping the pill?

After stopping the pill, your next period will come in 4-6 weeks, and will soon return to its previous pattern, as it was before you were on the pill.

If start taking the contraceptive pill on monday for example will your period stop from monday and only come again during the 'break' at the end of the pill cycle?

You start taking the pill at the end of your period, and then, yes you will not have a period again until the break in the pill.

How do you prolong my period for a few days on the pill?

Keep taking the normal pill and you won't get your period.. Skip the sugar pills completely.

My girlfriend started the pill a month ago when she started her period this time around her period is weird its light and spotty and its not usually like this is this signs of pregnancy?

No. My girlfriend is on the pill, and sometimes does not get her period at all. A light period is just a sign that the pill is working, so do not be worried.

Can you start the pill without having your period?

Your are suppose to start the birth control pill the Sunday after your period. If you haven't had a period its best to take a pregnancy test to make sure your not pregnant. If you test is negative then you can go to your gyne doctor and they can give you a pill to start your period.