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Q: Do you get your period if you miss the pill?
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If you miss a pill the week of your period?

Take it as soon as you remember and use a condom, just like you would any other time you miss a pill.

Can you miss your period because you stopped your pill a week early?

No you cant its very unusaul to miss a period ok no need to ba alarmed

Can you miss your period after getting off the pill?

The pill i take for period pain apon completion or discontuning can stall the process of periods for up too 2 weeks. but that's just for the pill i take for period pain and may vary for others.

Is it common to miss a period after starting a new weight loss muscle building pill?

Yes it is very possible to miss a period if you take the pills for weight loss and muscle building pill. These drugs can always play a part in changing the bodys rhythm.

Will switching from the patch to the pill make you miss your period?

For a safer protection, you might miss the period between both drugs. You might start the pill on the day you were supposed to start your "drug-free week". You might also start the pill 2-3 days later. It shouldn't affect birth control.

Should you keep taking the birth control pill if you miss one pill and your period starts?

It would be best to continue taking the pill each day regardless of bleeding.

what happens if you take your pill then miss a pill then take another one and get your period?

When taking birth control pills consistency is very important. Follow the instructions that come with you prescription about what to do if you miss a pill. If you have further concerns call your health care provider.

Can you miss a period after going off the pill?

yes u can because its not ues to it but u sould be okay!

Is it possible to miss one pill and have your period return the next day?

Yes, depending on the sensitivity of the pill, (the amount of hormones in each pill) and other contributing factors like where you are in your cycle, it is possible.

If you miss a period after being on the pill for a number of months does that mean you're pregnant?

No. If you have taken your pill everyday as you should have and didn't skip any pills your chance of getting pregnant is slim. If you did skip/miss pills yes there is a chance.

Can you miss a period when you start a new pill pack a week late?

you take the pill for 21 days and then stop taking it for 7 days. and in them 7 days you shall have your period. however, this is not a true period. then you repaet the process

Will it cause you to miss a period when you start taking Ortho-tricyclin-lo three weeks after you stopped taking the pill Janel?

You may miss a period or your period might arrive later than usual due to the change-over in BC pills.