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Q: Do you get your period if you miss the pill?
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If you miss a week of the pill can my period be a week late?

It is possible that your period can be late if you miss a week of the pill. It is also possible that you are pregnant.

Is it normal to bleed before your period while on the pill?

yes, if you miss a pill or two.

How can you miss a period?

By taking a birth control pill or being pregnant

If you miss a pill the week of your period?

Take it as soon as you remember and use a condom, just like you would any other time you miss a pill.

Can you miss your period because you stopped your pill a week early?

No you cant its very unusaul to miss a period ok no need to ba alarmed

If you miss your period while on birth control do you continue to the next pack?

No, if you miss your period on the pill you should go see your doctor immediately.

What are the chances you will miss your first period while just starting to take the pill?

There is a very small chance you may miss your first period after starting the pill, but if you don't miss any pills then you shouldn't miss your period - still it does sometimes happen. Usually though most women will experience some form a vaginal bleeding.

Can you get pregnant if you miss the last pill but came your period and he came inside?

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

What symptoms happen when you stop taking the pill?

you will probably start your period or atleast have spotting. also if you miss a pill it can result in pregnancy

Can you miss your period after getting off the pill?

The pill i take for period pain apon completion or discontuning can stall the process of periods for up too 2 weeks. but that's just for the pill i take for period pain and may vary for others.

Can skipping a pill make you miss a period?

Skipping a pill puts you at risk of pregnancy and can effect your menstrual cycle. Missing a pill usually causes your period to arrive earlier than usual. Because you've missed your period, perform a pregnancy test.

Should you keep taking the birth control pill if you miss one pill and your period starts?

It would be best to continue taking the pill each day regardless of bleeding.

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