What do men want in a women?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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I am a chick but i mean its not a hard one to answer. Nothing really. Well i mean when you think of guys what do you think of? It depends from person to person. For me when i think of them i guess i think insecure, psychotic, two faced, hellcat, whores....or mature nice people that are willing to help you out or sex icons. i know some people feel the same about some certain women out there. Oh too complicated i guess. And yeah it would all have to depend on the person and why ya care? Like that saying "Women, you can't live with em can't live without em." Just really if you want to know go watch some stand up. Tells you everything.

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It depends on the man... and the woman.

Stereotypes abound, of course: "busty blonde airhead" is a popular assumption, or "a chick who likes sports and fart jokes." But those only apply if the specific man has those tastes--and maybe not even then.

None of which is helpful to someone looking for simple, solid answers. But could you be more specific? Are you asking what men look for physically? emotionally? romantically? Are you discussing young men? older men? divorcees? widowers? And how about culture--do you only want to know what American men are interested in? Because that will be very different from what a Japanese or Australian man might want.

The easy answers that apply to everyone are the only ground rules I can suggest: To be respected and accepted for who/what we are. Don't try to change us in ways we don't want to go. A woman who respects our needs, both for closeness AND privacy at different times. Someone who doesn't take over your life or force you to give up friends and activities that matter to you. Someone to laugh and have fun with. Someone you can trust.

Simple, no?

I'd like to add that no man will complain if a woman is straightforward and says exactly what's on her mind.

Also, men really don't like woman drama, or fighting over nothing, or a woman who obsesses over her weight and constantly thinks she's not good enough. It gets exhausting after a while.

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Sex otherwise why would it be something they want from women and not from men? Every man is different, so every male is seeks his own unique combination of many different things. The ideal female is different for every male.

When men and women say what they want in the opposite sex, you can pretty much disregard what they say, because when people talk their heads are talking. But it is heart that falls in love, and hormones like oxytocin which attract men and women to each other.

Some men and women will fall in love because some person emits phermone that subconsciously effects the way that person appears to them. Some males seek female companionship, some seek a business partner or partner in crime, some seek a soulmate, some seek someone who will satisfy their sexual needs. Or some combination of the above. In a religious community someone might seek a partner because of their piety. Some males seek kind, good-natured females and some seek tough, abusive females. What do men want in life? What activity do men most enjoy? It depends on the man.
Intelligence, kindness, patience, self reliance, tolerance, politeness, socially graceful, forgiveness, sense of humor, self acceptance, spirituality,... the things everyone should be doing. Guys also want women they are attracted to and can have an emotional connection with.

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It just depend up on time and women heart.... Lol

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The opposite of themselves

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Q: What do men want in a women?
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