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Men do actually

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Q: Why women want to get married and men don't?
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Why do married women seek younger men?

Married women seek younger men because they want physical and emotional excitement as well as stimulation. They also want to feel more confident about themselves.

Why do women prefer married men?

Women want what they cannot have, which is why most crave married men. Married men usually have some characteristics including the capacity to love and be in a commitment, which is something hard to find in the male population.

Why do some men pursue only married women?

They are safer. Married women are less likely to want relationships beyond sex.

Do more women want to be men or more men want to be women?

men want to be women

Why do men and women sleep with other married men and women?

If were talking about cheating - its about simplicity. Most people stray from their marriage because they still want to be married to their spouse. Cheating is just getting sexual of emotional gratification 'on the side'. Sensible people dont want to get too emotionally attached to a single person because that person may want them to leave the spouse. Married people usually are 'safer' to date.

Can bisexual men marry women?

Yes. If the two people want to get married, they can and some do.

Why do women get bingo wings and men dont?

The distribution of fat is different in men and women. Men tend to get 'beer bellies', whereas women dont.

Why do women want to get married but men don't?

Well it depends on the people. Some women don't want to get married, some guys want to. I guess women often dream of a happy family from when they are children, when as men often have an idea that having a family is less manly or something. ANSWER: Not all women, and not all men. But one thing about men who don't want to commit, it is because they don't want to feel trap, and only seeing one woman. They don't like being control by woman. there are lots of reason why some men don't like the idea of getting married.

Why do men want to be women?

Men who want to be women may believe they were meant to be women.

Why do married men have affairs even their marriage is perfect and happy?

some men just have that sexual desire for other women. it does not mean they dont love their wife. it is human nature to want what you cant have. however, this explanation does not make it okay..

Why do some married women prefer married men?

If speaking of cheating specifically: They want what they can't have. Married men are able to appreciate the woman for herself and not have any obligations. Being married themselves, the men can properly credit the woman in this respect. The women don't have to deal with all the things that the men have to do in their other life. Over-literally: Or, because some women love their husbands (whom are married to them), and don't wish to cheat.

What percent of women are virgins when they get married andwhat percent of men are virgins when they get married?


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