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Men do actually

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Q: Why women want to get married and men don't?
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Why do some men pursue only married women?

They are safer. Married women are less likely to want relationships beyond sex.

Do more women want to be men or more men want to be women?

men want to be women

Can bisexual men marry women?

Yes. If the two people want to get married, they can and some do.

Why do women want to get married but men don't?

Well it depends on the people. Some women don't want to get married, some guys want to. I guess women often dream of a happy family from when they are children, when as men often have an idea that having a family is less manly or something. ANSWER: Not all women, and not all men. But one thing about men who don't want to commit, it is because they don't want to feel trap, and only seeing one woman. They don't like being control by woman. there are lots of reason why some men don't like the idea of getting married.

Why do women get bingo wings and men dont?

The distribution of fat is different in men and women. Men tend to get 'beer bellies', whereas women dont.

Many educated women remained unmarried during this time because they wanted to make social changes in the world and it was felt that you could not do both?

Yes, most woman dont married, when being educated, women feel they need time. Most women usally are the cleaner, the cooker, the care taker in the Married, because they feel they need to be worried about there self, not all the chores. They want to make sure that there schooling and they have a job before they get marreid. But on the other hand so women want to be married when they are in schooling becasue in some marreid the men do the cleaning and cooking. So some people want to be married and some dont when they are in schooling

Why do men want to be women?

Men who want to be women may believe they were meant to be women.

Is it right to marry brother of sister-in-law whom you love very much?

That depends on your believe on the matter, Some say no some say yes. Its totally what you want to do, we have men married to men , and women married to other women. If that's ok then marry anybody you want!

Why married men cheat?

Well when i am older, i am not gonna gett married, because women think that they have a say in men but they dont! Back when men was started, men had to have so much sex with different women to keep the human race alive!!!!!!! Now women think that men should stay with them, AND IT JUST PISSES ME OFF!

Why do women usually want to have fewer children than their husbands want?

cos men dont have to go through child birth!!

What kind of men dates married women?

because they like women with experience in bed... and married women have that...

Are black men allowed to date white women in Africa?

Yes. In Africa some black men are married to white women. And some white men are married to black women.