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Why do some men want to grow breasts like women

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can l use birth control pills to help my breasts grow
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Q: Why do some men want to grow breasts like women?
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Why do some women have bigger breasts?

Breast growth varies according to genetics and hormone release during puberty.Just like each person's height and weight, some women's breasts grow diffrent.

Why do some minority of men envy women for their breasts and want to grow some themselves?

I am fed up waiting answering this question

Can men grow breast are the effects perment?

* Yes, if a man wants to look like a woman then a specialist in that field will give hormones to help the man grow breasts. However, there are some conditions where a straight man can grow breasts and also some medications can make a straight man grow breasts.

Are breasts supposed to grow one at a time?

No breasts do not grow at the same rate. Everybody is different and when you have your breasts some body else may not have theirs. It's all about your genes and your weight. If your mom or dads mom has small breast it's likely that you will to. And if your overweight some f your extra body fat will go to your breasts.

What makes your breasts grow?


When does a girl have breasts?

girl's breast will grow at 10 years old or older and sometimes when you are younger like some girls who grow fast

Why do some men get breasts like women?

because they are soft and cuddly, and if we sometimes lick or bite the nipple females like it

Do guys like to admire large breasts?

Not every guy likes large breasts on females. Each male has their own likes with the female body. Some men may prefer women with small breasts while others may not like breasts at all.

You are a male taking noriday contraceptive pill will you grow breasts?

Yes, they will grow some.

What are the various shapes of breasts?

boobs are something that women have or young women. they are used to feed young babies. if you are girl and you dont have any. dont worry they should "grow in". and if your a boy you should grow out of them. but suggestions: lose weight or possibly do some push-ups (for the boys).

If men had breasts would they be classified as gay or bisexual for enjoying women's breasts?

Breasts don't make a woman. Some women are flat chested. The men who love them aren't gay. Also, if men had breasts, they would be men's breasts. So a man attracted to men's breasts would be gay.

Does breasts grow at different rate one is totally flat and the other has a lump behind the nipple?

at first yes for some people but dont worry about them like i did they will grow and be perfectly huge