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women want sex and handsome men who are good at kissing and other thing some women just want money those people are hores then they'res women who want men that want a family and a wife

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Q: What do women want in a guy?
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Does a guy want you when he brags about other women?


How tall does a guy have to be in order for women to want to date you?

Taller than the woman will do. :)

Do you tell a women your a virgin?

I think you should. If I've been talking to this guy for a while, and we want to hook up, i would want to know if this guy is a virgin or not.

What do single women want?

a rich single guy , being handsome is second priority

Why would a gay guy want to marry a straight women who loves him?

Because he's gay doesn't feel attraction to women.

Can women beat up men?

yes, women are tough. I think they can punch out any guy if they want. They have serious skills. Guys get punched out everyday by women.

What do girls or women look for in a guy?

Kindness, gentleness, etc. They want a guy who's strong enough to protect them, yet gentle enough to love them.

Do women mostly want a guy that every other woman wants?

That can or can not be true. Alot of women have certain tastes in guys and usually all women tend to have similar tastes in guys. But there are those women out there that know what they want and are very different from every other women. ....i hope that helps:)

How can you get a straight male to sleep with a gay male?

You can't. People do what they want. And that includes sleeping with who they want, and if a man is attracted to women, have fun getting him to sleep with a gay guy. Coming from a gay guy. Lol.

What do women want most from a guy?

All women have individual wants and needs but in the end it is important to be wanted/desired, needed, respected - shown and made to feel that.

What do women mean when they say I want a commitment?

this is coming from a guy who lives with a family full of sisters and when they say they want commitment the mean the want you to be there for them to NOT CHEAT ON THEM to lean their love language.

What is it when a girl want to be a guy?

It's curiosity. Many girls would like to know what it would be like to be a guy. They could also be into women, and would rather be a man.

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