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Q: What are the following is a possible long -term health effect of stress?
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Which of the following is a possible long-term health effect of stress?

(Apex) Obesity.

What is the effect of stress in one's health?

i dont know the answer..can you tell me how does stress and sexual practices abuse effect you?

Can holding in stress be destructive to your Mental and Emotional Health?

This is my personal answer. Yes definitely, holding back stress does not only effect mental and emotional health but it also can effect your physical health as well. Find a way to release stress if you can!

What effect does stress have on emotional health?

Stress is one of the most negative impacts on a body. It Detroits the emotional health of a person.

How can stress effect your health in either a negative or positive way?

Well I don't think stress has any positive health effects but I know if you stress alot you can get ulcers which is pretty nasty

How much stress can you have while pregnant?

When you are pregnant you want as little stress as possible. To much stress can effect and harm the baby.

Is it possible to have a post-traumatic stress disorder that varies in severity of symptoms?

Yes, it is possible to have a mild PTSD-like reaction following less severe stress.

Is stress a negative affect or effect?

Stress is a negative effect of consistently dealing with difficult life circumstances. It has been proven that having too much stress in one's life can lead to poor physical and mental health.

'What does cheating do to your physical health?

To most people it may raise stress levels initially but after that it has little or no effect

How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways effect your physical health?

because if u get mad it can stress your brain.

Can stress cause health problems with the unborn child if so what kind?

If the stress is severe & effects the mothers health then this can effect the unborn child by making it stressed out & rarely cause developmental problems. Speak to your doctor if concerned.

What is the truth about the effect of moderate stress?

The truth is that the effects of moderate stress can be as much of a health hazard as high stress. Moderate stress can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of cancer, contribute to depression, cause fatigue and more.

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