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bleach, over dose

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Q: What hazardous substances found in a social care setting?
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What is a hazardous mineral fiber found in building materials?

it is mercury because mercury is the most hazardous mineral fiber

Where are hazardous wastes found?

at factories and at places where they dump trash

What Hazardous chemicals are found in unleaded gasoline?

liquid death

How do you handle hazardous materials?

Obtain the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the hazardous material; specific handling and protection instructions will be found there. Different hazardous materials will have different handling requirements.

A typical situation when you should use the isolation distances found in the ERGs orange guide pages is when?

a. a hazardous material is exposed to fire.

What is the definition of cross connection in construction?

Where the pitable water supply comes into contact with water of questionable quality or source

What substances are element?

All of the substances found in the Periodic Table are considered as elements. None others are.

What substances have the most potential to damage the ozone and where are they found?

The substances having the most potential are CFC's. They can be found as coolant in various areas.

What elements are always found in organic substances?

Carbon and Hydrogen are always found in organic substances. By definition carbon is what makes something organic.

What substances is CaCO3 found in?

it is found in many rocks from around the world

Where can one find information on COSHH safety regulations?

Information on COSHH safety regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) can be found at government websites, such as the HSE government UK website. On this website there are many videos and guides on COSHH safety regulations and how they affect your company.

What are chemaoutotrophs?

small substances found in chloroplasts