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My grandmother always used to tell me when you feel a scrathy throat or even stuffy nose pu 1-2 drops of peroxide in your ear. I always thought she was crazy, However it does help for colds. Also load up on vitamin C and drink lots of fluids, I'm sure that will do the trick.

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Q: If You think you are getting sick what can you do?
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Can you eat a mud pie without barfing or getting sick or making a sick face?

no, I do not think i could.

Why do you feel sick but im not sick?

There could be various reasons for feeling sick while others are not. It could be due to individual differences in immune responses or exposure to pathogens. It's also possible that you may have been exposed to a different source of illness or have underlying health issues that make you more susceptible to feeling unwell.

What is the immune systems job?

To protect the body against foreign particals, or just protecting your body from getting sick, or helping it get better when it is sick, think of it as police

What is Tree trouble investigation?

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Do puppy mills murder sick puppies?

yes they do it for fun they think it is nice to do this to puppies instead of getting help for them

Can iPods get you sick?

ipods getting you sick,is to me,impossible.

How does memory cell keep a person from getting sick?

Memory cells are a type of immune cell that "remember" an encounter with a specific pathogen. When the same pathogen is encountered again, memory cells mount a faster and more robust immune response, helping to quickly eliminate the pathogen before it can cause a full-blown illness. This quicker and more effective response is what helps prevent a person from getting sick upon subsequent encounters with the same pathogen.

Can people get sick by not getting enough protein?

Yes it is possible for someone to get sick without getting enough proteins.

What does it mean when you keep getting sick?

First off i would talk to your doctor. It may be due to allergies or something. Do what you think is best for you.

Can you give me a sentence with the word sick?

I am getting sick of answering your questions!

Can you get sick from nail glue going in your mouth?

yes i think you possibly could get sick from that because my brother got sick by accidently getting super glue in his mouth and he ended up throwing up but you never know it could mabye not happen to you but that's what i think and if it gets worse try going to a doctor and ask them.

What is the job of the immune system?

to prevent harmful things from getting into the body such as viruses and bacteria. it also fights off disease abd whatnot.