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Think of it this way. Prevention of a disease is more effective than getting everyone sick and treating them individually. :)

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Q: How does public health affect health?
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10 reasons why food safety is a public health issue?

You don't need 10 reasons. Food safety is a public health issue because the failure of a food safety program will affect a lot of people - the public.

What has the author Harry S Mustard written?

Harry S. Mustard has written: 'Government in public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'Mustard's introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public Health, Public health

What are some common dangers to Public Health?

Certain types of algae in lakes can affect public health. If you swim in these lakes, or accidently swallow some of the water, it can cause serious damage to your liver, or central nervous system.

How public health is important for individual health?

If there is an epidemic then you may be a part of the society, similarly if the standards and quality of life is backward in your society then there are disease that will affect you like malaria,dengue.

How can a stigma affect your health?

how can a stigima affect your health risk?

Who sets public health standards?

Public Health standards are usually set by Health Departments and Ministries of Health.

How does being in proximity to nuclear power generation affect my family's safety?

The presence of nuclear power plants may affect public health in many ways. Primarily, the release of radiation by nuclear power plants into the surrounding areas is known to have hazardous effects on public health. Nuclear power plants can also affect the health of the local environment and natural wildlife. Additionally Read more: Health Effects of Nuclear Power Plants |

What are the leadership qualities in public health?

qualities of a public health leader

What do public bills deal with?

Public bills are the bills that affect the whole nation, whereas a private bill only affects a specific person or group.

What has the author Elena Andresen written?

Elena Andresen has written: 'Public health foundations' -- subject(s): Health Policy, Public health, Epidemiologic Methods, Health Behavior, Public Health

What is Drexel University School of Public Health's motto?

The motto of Drexel University School of Public Health is 'Public Health, Human Rights'.

How do these superstitious beliefs affect health?

How do these superstitiousbeliefs affect health?In: Mental Health [Edit categories]