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yes i think you possibly could get sick from that because my brother got sick by accidently getting super glue in his mouth and he ended up throwing up but you never know it could mabye not happen to you but that's what i think and if it gets worse try going to a doctor and ask them.

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Q: Can you get sick from nail glue going in your mouth?
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Will baby get sick from nail polish in mouth?

yes! you need to keep nail polish and remover away from kids! (and baby's)

Can you die from eating nail glue?

I was trying to put fake nails on and I was using nail glue and I tried to get the cap off and I squirted some in my mouth the truth is it could make u ILL but you can't die from it unless u eat a big bottle of it however it will leave a disgusting taste in ur mouth and can't kill u btw.

Can you use nail glue to stick an earringl on your tongue?

actually yes you can, just make sure it NON TOXIC cause if its no it will burn your tongue a lot and when you want to take the piercing off you don't pull it you twist i slowly so you don't rip your sick off! but have fun tricking your friends with your tongue piercing. All you need to make a fake tongue piercing is-tissue to dry your tongue and beads and nail glue don't put lots just a dot of glue!

What happens if you lick nail polish when it's wet?

You smear your nails, get polish on your tongue, have a really bad taste in your mouth, and probably get sick and throw up.

Are birds allowed to have PVA glue?

PVA glue will probably make them sick.

Are glue caps bad for dogs?

Yes, they will get sick.

Can you die from glow sticks if you break it in your mouth?

No but i believe you can get sick, if you got a little bit in your mouth, your safe, but if you got alot in your mouth, then u can get sick

Can nail polish get you sick?

Someone can have a bad reaction to nail polish. Those with sensitive skin can experience a negative reaction that can affect the nail bed as well as the surrounding area.

Do gerbils get sick with nail varnish?

My guess would be YES

Can you get sick from putting a swan feather in your mouth?

You know it really depends if you are use to putting a feather in your mouth but all weird things you put in your mouth will make you sick, Yes

What happens if you eat nail glue?

Ingesting nail glue can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and irritation of the mouth and throat. It may also cause blockages in the digestive system if a large amount is consumed. Seek medical attention immediately if you or someone else ingests nail glue.

Why is it better to breathe your nose?

you can get sick if you do from the mouth