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Your period should not be delayed more than a few days, but it is not unheard of either. You should be examined by your doctor, just in case though.

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Q: I am 35 years old and tubes are tied but period is 16 days late?
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How many years did the glory days of the cowboy period last?

late 1800

I have had my tubes clamped 4 years ago and now 5 days late?

If 5 days late is unusual for you, you should take a pregnancy test. Tube clamps have been know to open.

Could have fallopian tubes surgery make your period late?


If you had a tubal ligation 8 years ago and a late period of two weeks could you be pregnant?

Yes, pregnancy is possible even with ligated tubes.

Is it possible to be pregnant at 52 years old. 10 days late for period?

It is possible to be pregnant at 52 years old.

I had tubes clamped 5 months ago I am6 days late for period Have no signs of pregnancy but could I be pregnant?

Not impossible, but very unlikely. If you're worried, get tested.

Could you have an ectopic pregnancy 3yrs after having your tubes clipped you are now 9 days late and am experiencing pregnancy symptoms and a small amount of clotting?

No. Ectopic pregnancy takes place in the tubes and yours are tied shut. Nine days is nothing in being late for a period. Sounds like you have an infection instead. Go see your doctor.

Im on birth control im 14 years old and your period is 4 days late?

your pregnant

You have missed 2 periods and you have your tubes tied what could be wronge?

i have had my tubes tied for five years and i have never missed my period and it has never been late i had a mri done last year and it showed that i had a cyst is it possible that my period this month was brown and only lasted for two days because of the tubes being tied or because of the cyst or could i be pregnent?

Had your tubes cut and burned after a csec in 2006 Now you are late and feel like im pregnantTook a test a few days after your missed period and it said neg can you still be pregnant?


What does it mean if im 5 days late for my period?

It means your period is five days late. Only you know your chances of being pregnant.

Your period is late and it hasn't came in 5 days is that normal?

One's period is irregular for the first few years. lf it goes beyond that, talk to your doctor.