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Ideally, partners should be able to talk with each other during this activity, to ask questions, ask for things, and offer. Focusing on your partner's pleasure rather than your own is one of the best ways to make this successful.

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  • To Fully satisfy the male race , you must stroke the fallice multiple times untill signs of arrousement show.
  • It all depends on what excites him and that means you have to be very skillful or just good at asking him what he likes.
  • Oral sex is more stimulating for the man. Once his penis is in a women's mouth. The next immediate tendency is to ejaculate into her mouth. She can either accept this or not. She would have to taste the semen first. Then she can decide as to whether or not to continue swallowing his semen or ask him not to ejaculate into her mouth but can remain as she does not mind and may even like to have his penis in her mouth. He should be understanding of her request.
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ask her what she likes. pay attention to these areas: neck, breasts, clit, ass, thighs

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Q: How can you please your girlfriend during sex?
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You should have sex and go crazy all you want!!!

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Your girlfriend would have had baby for you do this otherwise you are just sucking on the breast and some people like that.

If i were your girlfriend how would you treat me during sex?

i would listen to you then do exactly the opposite of want you want me to

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Well, she probably craves sex. And you obviously didn't please her. you didnt satisfy her welll

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To go down n please him

What does it mean when a person tells you to be safe with your girlfriend or boyfriend?

They are probably referring to using protection (condoms, birth controls, dental dams) during sex - oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex.

How can you preshure your girlfriend into sex?

Pressuring your girlfriend into sex isn't ever a good thing. If your going out with your girlfriend for the sole reason of sex, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.Maybe if you sat your girlfriend down and spoke to her about sex then she might loosen up a bit about sex.:D

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Have sex with her more often or find ways to please her in bed so well that she wants you instead of the dildo.

During the sex can you pregnant while not discharge of ovum?

Who are you? Borat? Learn some winglish Please!

Can you sex your girlfriend?


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A girl needs about 30 minutes before sex to be hot, then about 30 minutes more for a full relation. You can double this process twice to please her.

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It's a psychological thing they love sex they love please their partner during sex and when the partner comes during oral sex they love that as well because it is a material indicator of their success.