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me and my friend bought it offf of his ex best friend for like 2 dollars but you could take a deep breath and say some thing to star a conversation and at the end oof it say i would really like to talk to you lets talk again and give him yours and if all goes welll you should get it .but inever found that methood helpful so i would just use methood one (buy it off his broke friend) then pretend to prank call him and say hi is filll in your crush here there? then if you get him say wow i did;t know this was your acccual number!then start talking to him about what ever comes to your mind . note this might bachfire and make you loook like a stalker if you ask one of his currrent friends so ask an ex friend. =) hope it works

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Well, that sounds a bit like your a stalker, get in contact with her another way (text, phone, e-mail, msn, etc) and given a little time, you might get invited back to your crushes!

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Q: How can you get your crushes number?
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