Do woman like to swallow

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Yes, because it tastes sweet

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Q: Do woman like to swallow
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Is swallowing woman's vaginal fluids good for man?

It's neither good or bad. Just like swallow semen for a woman.

Can a woman get pregnant if you swallow her breast?

Not from that - no.

Do woman that swallow seem happier?

Yes, they do. It's better to swallow your food, than to throw it up. :)

Why do men like girls to swallow?

I can think of three reasons, depending on the man. Some men like the idea that the woman is being submissive. If the man's penis is deep in your mouth, swallowing feels good to the man. If the woman is willing to swallow, it means the man doesn't have to worry about pulling out at the last minute. He can just "go for it."

Is it good to swallow a womens outcome?

If the woman has no STDs, it is ok.

Is it safe for a woman to swallow semen whilst the man is having chemotherapy?

I think it is :)

Can a man swallow a woman's liquids?

as in making a woman wet? yes, wen a guy is eating her out, if he's doing it right then she'll cum and as he's all up in the slot it'll go in his mouth n he has no choice but to swallow it

Should you spit or swallow while giving head?

guys like swallow.

How do monkeys swallow?

Like we do.

How about if a 30 year women swallow semen?

If a woman drinks sperm, from my knowledge, nothing bad will happen. Some girls do not like the taste but others do. But nothing will happen

What is side effect when a woman swallow sperm several times?

She would be extremely happy!!

Can a woman drink her husbands semen?

If you mean to swallow it, yes. There is nothing wrong with doing this.