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guys like swallow.

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Q: Should you spit or swallow while giving head?
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How do you swallow while giving head?

Take a quick break, swallow, and continue.

Why do some women not swallow when giving head?

It's a preference thing...not every one likes tomatoes.

What is road head?

Getting/giving a bj while driving?

What process allows you to swallow your food while standing on your head?

You can do this through the muscular contractions that are happening in your esophagus.

What do you get a guy you just met for his birthday?

Give him head and swallow!! Give him head and swallow!!

What is the process called that involuntarily makes it is possible to swallow water while standing on your head and moves food from your mouth down to your stomach?

Peristalsis is the process that involuntarily makes it is possible to swallow water while standing on your head and moves food from your mouth down to your stomach. Peristalsis affects the muscles in the intestines also.

Which hand should you use to smack your girlfriend for not giving head?


Should the stomach expand MOUTH TO Mouth?

No, if this happens the air is travelling down the esophagus and not the trachea. To avoid this from happening, tilt the head back while giving mouth-to-mouth.

How do you keep from choking while doing oral when the man ejaculates?

Make sure that his head is in the upper fornt part of your mouth so that you can swallow it when he ejaculates.

What if you jumped on your bed and hit your head on the post giving yourself a small cut on the back of your head what should you do should you be worried if you feel tingling or is it just paranoia?

you should be worried, kid

Why is it hard to swallow while your head is leaning back?

When your head is leaning back, it disrupts the natural pathway of your throat and esophagus, making it more difficult for the food or liquid to pass through smoothly. This can lead to a sensation of blockage or discomfort, making it harder to swallow. Additionally, the angle at which your head is tilted back can affect the coordination of muscles involved in swallowing, further complicating the process.

Tips on how to swallow?

Well, it all depends on what you mean by swallow.Some people tend to gag when trying to swallow, or while giving "head". If you're having trouble in either of those because of gagging, you can try this scientifically proven fact.When going to swallow, or give head, hold your fist closed with your thumb on the inside. Then squeeze, slightly pressing your nails into your hand. Your brain will be distracted from the pain coming from your hand, therefore not doing that "gag reflex".I hope this helped with your question. If you have anymore questions on:Oral SexSwallowingHow to make anal sex pleasantFirst time sexThen come to me, and I will always have the answer! Chao!